Online Gambling in the United Kingdom in 2021


The online gambling industry has become one of the biggest in the UK thanks to rapid growth over the past few years. In a relatively short space of time, the online gambling sector has developed enormously to what it is today.

The following article will explore the history of online gambling in the UK as well as some modern-day statistics and where we are in 2021.

How it Started

Back in 1994, the first online casino in the UK opened its digital doors to the public with a restricted set of games and a simple user interface. However, just a few years later, well over 200 online casinos had launched in the UK and online gambling was becoming increasingly popular.

In 2005 the UK gambling act was introduced which really accelerated the growth of the industry. This act enabled casinos to advertise and legalised gambling completely. By 2007 the act was active and the following year the UK market value of online gambling was worth over £8 billion. 

Since then the number of online casinos in the UK has skyrocketed and there is absolutely no shortage of choice for prospective gamblers. Making sure you pick a site that is fully regulated and trustworthy is paramount fortunately there are lots of sites like Bet and Skill that will help you choose where to go. 

There are lots of things to consider from signup offers to games libraries and payment methods. Be sure to read up on online reviews before going ahead and giving away any personal details or making a deposit. Most games will be available to play on mobile or tablet so you can play on the move as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Today’s Gambling Scene

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) was first established in 2007 and has since become one of the most reputable licensing bodies in the world. The organisation is responsible for verifying that a site is safe and fair for users.

The UKGC has helped promote fair gambling in the UK and has been responsible for a wave of reliable gambling platforms. The industry is worth in excess of £14 billion and continues to grow as a result. Approximately 45% of the UK’s population plays some form of online casino game and 25 million playing online casino games each month. 

Bingo is the most popular online gambling game in the UK with a £200 million yield per year. That dwarfs the rest of the online gambling industry which is worth around £3 million in online casino games and a similar amount for sportsbooks. Bingo continues to grow year on year with around 4% growth on last year.

What the Future Holds

There’s no way of definitely saying how the UK’s online gambling industry will progress but the future looks bright. More and more people are giving online gambling a go, especially as a result of the pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns. New markets have been reached and many of these new players will continue to use their newfound platforms.

The current trend points to continued growth in the coming years with little signs of it slowing. Advancements in technology for payment methods and the introduction of crypto casinos have further increased the appeal of gambling online. These platforms offering crypto deposits makes things even faster and easier for online players whilst also keeping their details confidential. In addition, the rise of no-signup deposits will only likely increase the appeal to new players.

If you’re considering getting in on the online casino gaming hype, there is likely no better time than the present.