Parsons Green bomber jailed for 34 years


Ahmed Hassan, (01.06.99) of Sunbury, Surrey was sentenced to a minimum of 34 years’ imprisonment. He was previously found guilty on Friday, 16 March of attempted murder. Hassan was sentenced by the judge in line with section 30 of the Terrorism Act 2008.

The judge commended the police investigation as well as individual officers involved in the case and witnesses.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, said: “Hassan built a home-made bomb packed full of shrapnel that was designed to kill, maim and injure as many people as he could. It was only through good fortune that it didn’t fully detonate. Had it done so, I have little doubt that we would have been dealing with many fatalities.

“The speed at which the Counter Terrorism Command investigation team worked was outstanding and had it not been for the fantastic support given by colleagues from British Transport Police, Transport for London, Kent, Surrey and Port of Dover Police, then this result may not have been possible.

“This result also comes in the same week that the ACT campaign was launched to further encourage the public to report any suspicious activity and behaviour and I would urge anyone who sees or notices anything suspicious to do so without delay.”

Suspicious activity and behaviour can be reported via the online tool at: