Pedram Zohrevand on Starting An Engineering Company


Have you ever considered starting a civil engineering company? Getting this kind of construction-related company established is something that needs to be thought about very carefully. There are many different factors that you need to consider. However, if it is approached in the right way, you can potentially build a profitable and strong organization that can last for many years according to engineering expert Pedram Zohrevand. The following are some of the major factors we discussed with Pedram Zohrevand and that need to be considered before you decide whether or not to start a civil engineering company.

Develop Your Engineering Knowledge and Skills

Like all careers, you need to first spend your time obtaining the right work-related knowledge and skills. Pedram Zohrevand has walked this path having obtained many qualifications and gained over 10 years experience. You could begin by completing a civil engineering course of study, such as completing a civil engineering master’s degree from a recognized university or college such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

It is not as hard as it was in the past to obtain this type of qualification. The internet offers many online options, including a wide range of various online civil engineer degree programs that can be completed wherever and whenever you want to.

After you have obtained the appropriate qualification, it is critical to get real-world experience with a public organization or company specializing in a specific civil engineering area. It is very important to choose an established and reputable employer since the experience you receive through your first civil engineering job will be invaluable to you, especially if you decide to go out on your own in the future.

Decide Which Area You Want to Specialize In

A broad range of disciplines is covered by civil engineering. Your new company should specialize in a certain area and offer specific types of civil engineering services. Some of the kinds of civil engineering work for you to consider include construction management, geotechnical engineering, bridge building, road building, and surveying.

It is much smarter to specialize in a certain area rather than attempting to offer a broad range of services when starting a new business, particularly if you will be working alone or in a small team initially.

Develop a Strong Network

Knowing more people within the construction industry will mean that your new business will likely receive more contacts. In order to achieve this, you need to constantly expand your professional network.

Some of the most effective ways to do this including providing excellent service at all times, attending local business meetings and construction events, and searching for new ways to attract the attention of influential decision-makers in public organizations and construction companies that conduct major engineering projects.

Focus on Your New Venture’s Business Side

When getting a civil engineering business set up, you need to not only become an accomplished technical professional but an accomplished businessperson as well. Your business must be set up correctly by getting the right business structure established and ensuring that all financial aspects related to your company are under control from the very start.

It can be an overwhelming experience to start a new civil engineering business. However, if you make the proper preparations and follow the steps given above, you will have a higher chance to create and build a very successful civil engineering company.