Personal Chef in London: Cost And Advantages


Organizing special events involves a lot of preparation, and you might want some help to take care of the food. Hiring a personal chef is a good option. A professional chef is trained to cook all sorts of delicious meals for your guests. This will also create a wonderful atmosphere for the special day. In this article, we talk about the benefits of having a chef preparing your meals.

Who is a private chef?

A private or personal chef is a professional with a culinary degree and cooking experience. They may have initially worked in restaurants before switching to freelancing. Some of them also might come to this format after working as private family cooks.

There is a difference between a chef and a cook. The first one knows how to save you from hunger even on a low budget and using basic ingredients. They can prepare a decent meal for you, your family, or your clients, but you shouldn’t expect much more than that.

Private chefs work with style. They cook more classy meals and practice the art of beautiful plating. You don’t rent a chef to just help you fill your stomach – they should also cater to your emotions.

You might be offered chef service when you look for a venue for an event. Other options are contacting a private chef agency or studying ads online. Now let’s find out how much you’ll need to pay to hire a personal chef in London and what aspects the cost depends on.

How much does a personal chef cost?

A personal chef for hire in the UK can be anywhere between £180 and £250. So, you should expect the average price for a chef in 2021 to be about £200.

5 factors that affect the cost

When you hire a personal chef, the prices can be very different. The cost depends on several things which are listed below.

Food style

If you hire a chef for a dinner party, they might need to impress your guests with haute cuisine. In this case not only the cooking is important, but the aesthetics as well. The chef will put in the energy and time into creating beautiful meals fit to be shared on social media.


On the other hand, if you need a cook to help you with food for a picnic, exquisite food presentation won’t be necessary. The meals will be way above in taste and quality than an average sandwich, but you will also be able to carry them over a big distance.

Type of event

Hiring a personal chef for a formal dinner usually costs more than a cook for a cozy friend gathering. The charge increases if the chef needs to meet a lot of requirements.

Number of dishes

If you want more dishes, the salary of the private chef will increase correspondingly. Ordering full-size portions of everything on the menu may not be the best option. Choose a tasting menu instead. Your guests will get a taste of everything without overeating. Also, small portions look amazing in photos.

Type of food

Finding a chef who can cook exceptional homemade dishes, comfort food or salads isn’t very difficult. However, you may be looking for a professional, trained to cook African food, premium seafood, or original desserts. You will have little choice of candidates, and they will request a higher payment.

Dietary requests

Nowadays, not a lot of people can eat anything you give them. Some don’t eat sugar, others have allergies to gluten or lactose. Some people try to eat only seasonal products from local farmers; others eat nothing but raw food.

Ask in advance everybody invited to your event about their eating preferences. Make a list of demands and send it to a personal chef you are thinking of hiring. Usually, the professionals are ready to meet all the various requirements, but the more items you have on the menu, the higher the chef’s charge would be.

What are the benefits of hiring a personal chef?

If you hire a private chef for a day, it will be very beneficial for your party. Here are the advantages:

  • All meals will be delicious.
  • The dishes will look incredibly beautiful.
  • You will cater to all the different tastes of your guests whether they are on a vegan, keto, sugar-free diet, or other.
  • You will impress the participants with how sophisticated and classy the food is.
  • You will save the time you would be spending on food and be able to organize other things better.


Hiring a personal chef in London or other parts of the UK is a good way to make your life easier when preparing for a party. A professional will make sure your guests have the best experience for a reasonable price.