phpTrader “Earnings from trading robot, quadrupled over early this year“


Recently, the number of trades from phptrader’s Swiss trading bot has been increasing tremendously. This can be seen as a result of the continuous increase in the price of bitcoin, as well as the renewal of the highest price of Bitcoin.

PhpTrader is a Swiss-based company that is innovating the bots for profit-trading in the cryptocurrency market. This platform is a new kind of platform that lets you trade on more than 11 different platforms, allowing the user to gain the arbitrage profit between exchanges.  It provides an easy experience in getting to know main exchanges and make profit through trades, also it supports up to 1,000 crypto currency.

The report shows that the amount of transactions made by phpTrader’s profit-trading bots has increased by an average of 12.4 percent per month this year. This seems to be due to the recent sudden change in BTC prices, utilizing the sudden price change, the trading bot was able to make more trades.

With all the positive signs that are coming out for the crypto market, this trend is expected to continue until the next year.

phpTrader stated, “Accounts that haven’t been active for a while are not returning back again” and explained that “They already have accounts, so the initial (transaction) will be fast.” The explanation means that the people who had their inactive account will be able to utilize the crypto currency trading bot without going through the hassle of making a new account.

phpTrader stated, “Investors who have missed the chance to purchase crypto currency will be interested in profit-trading bots,” said PhpTrader. “The price of gold has just renewed it’s highest price, and Bitcoin will be in a good situation if there is a big change in the market.”

Also, it is said that the increase in the amount of profit-trading bots in phpTrader  made the crypto market more active, and that therefore more opportunities for profit have been made.

phpTrader provides everyone with a unique experience.