Popular Gundog Breeds That Might Interest You


We hail dogs as man’s best companions at home, but they are multifunctional animals with the ability to function as gundogs or what is popularly known as hunting dogs. Data revealed that the number of recognized dog breeds in the world is 360, and over one-tenth are gundogs, which means for every ten dogs you encounter, one of them is likely to multitask as a hunting dog.

Here are some popular gundog breeds you should know about.

Golden Retriever

One of the best dog breeds for domestic and hunting purposes is a golden retriever, as it is quite easy to train and can survive in any kind of weather. As hunting dogs, they can track down ducks or birds, often at long distances) and bring them back to their owner. Golden retrievers are all-round retrievers as they can enter the water to bring out fish or other aquatic games.

Cocker Spaniel

For a compact hunting companion, the cocker spaniel is the best choice. The small-stature Cocker Spaniels are quite speedy and can outrun slow-motion games like ducks and geese. These dogs can fit into the smallest home to retrieve a rabbit or squirrel burrowing its way into the ground. The working cocker spaniels are popular as good hunting companions.

Labrador Retriever

We have popularly known the labrador retriever as a friendly dog while doubling as one of the best duck retrievers. The dog can withstand cold temperatures, which makes it the perfect breed for retrieving prey inside the water. When you see a labrador in action, you cannot help but love its enthusiastic behavior, which is why many owners keep it as a family pet too.

Springer Spaniel

Just like the cocker spaniel, the Springer is a classic bird dog breed popular among hunters that enjoy hunting pheasants or need to chase after squirrels and rabbits. The compact size of the dog makes it ideal for taking on a hunting trip to penetrate holes where animals burrow into. Also, an English spaniel is a natural hunter and retriever dog that can work undercover or in water to flush out games that are in hiding.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is popular for being a perfect hunting dog that is not afraid to get to any length to retrieve prey. Though it has webbed feet, it has no problem swimming into ice-cold water to flush out or retrieve prey. Seasoned hunters see the dog breed as a practical dog to own as it resembles a regular domestic pet and could serve as a family pet too.

English Pointer

The pointers are famous for having German, Portuguese, Slovakian, and English, but the most popular used for gundog is the British breed. It is one of the best hunting dog breeds for bird prey. We mainly used the English pointer for pointing, but you can train it to become a prey retriever. Pointers can withstand extreme heat and humidity and have unrivaled all-day stamina that could be beneficial for long hours hunting.


This is the real deal for gundog as it has the appearance and builds to carry out the task. Bloodhound is popular for being a fearless tracker when on the field because it has a superior snout that can detect prey, whether near or far. The hefty build and superior snout of a bloodhound are why hunters prefer it as a hunting companion.

Bluetick Coonhound

The bluetick coonhound is one of the most energetic hunting hounds and quite popular for its fearlessness. As a hunting dog, this breed will punch well above its weight class by taking on cougars or even lions; therefore, it is used for hunting big games. Also, it can chase all sorts of play into a tree and then trap it there until you arrive.


The beagle is popular for being a scent hound, putting it in the league of best gundog breeds in the world. Beagle has a powerful snout and voluminous bark. Besides its sniffing ability, the breed has a muscular body and long, floppy ears but is the best at hunting rabbits and hares.

Irish Setter

Irish setters are popular for being effective when on the field, which is why some hunters prefer the breed. The dog breed has impressive agility and fierce determination when it comes to tracking prey in the field.

These aforesaid dogs are some of the most popular gundog breeds, but others are unique for having certain features that most hunters favor when on the field.