Practical Tips You Can Use To Prevent Going Bald At An Early Age


One of the most common issues globally is hair loss and it affects one-third of the population. Your scalp or your whole body can be affected and it can be gradual or permanent. Though it is more likely in men, anyone can lose their head’s hair. Everyone loses a hundred strands of hair per day. It’s a natural occurrence, so there’s no need to stress about losing a few follicles. Hair loss may be caused by many factors, including diet, mineral deficiency, prescriptions, stress, pollutants, and genetics. Also, putting on a scarf, hat or helmet may be another reason for men.

Baldness usually refers to severe hair loss from your scalp. With age, hereditary hair loss is the most common cause of baldness. Some people tend to let the untreated and unhidden loss of hair run its course. Others with hair colors, makeup, caps, or scarves may cover it up. And some also choose one of the treatments available to fight further hair loss or restore growth. Read on to learn several solutions to help mitigate or cope with hair loss at an early age to prevent baldness.

Wash Your Hair Regularly Using a Mild Shampoo

A lot of stylists complain we over-shampoo our hair and suggest going between washes for days. But how much your hair is shampooed depends on you and your hair. You can shampoo every day or every other day if you have oily hair. You can wash it a few times a week if you have dry hair, and or go even longer between washings. Aloe vera and neem shampoos could be used to keep the head cool and prevent flaking scalp.

Regular hair washing is part of the prevention of hair loss by keeping hair clean and healthy for the scalp. Using a mild shampoo is the answer. The risk of infections and dandruff that can result in thinning hair or loss is reduced by doing so. Harsher formulations, contributing to hair loss, will dry hair and cause it to break. Also, clean hair gives the appearance of extra length.

Hair Loss Subscriptions

In the last few years, several businesses have launched to not only destigmatize the problem of male hair loss but also help manage it. Telemedicine aims to help you preserve your hair through online solutions that you can conveniently and discreetly order, whether they be prescription medications, topical drops, or even gummy supplements. There are plenty of commercials for hair loss subscription items that are battling to be your trusted source of hair loss prevention. These subscription services use proprietary products to nurture your scalp and even stimulate future hair growth in the hair loss battle. To regrow some of your old locks, you can help stop your hair loss and create a healthier environment.

Vitamin for Hair Loss

Vitamins are not only effective for your general well-being, but they are also excellent for your hair. Vitamin A promotes good scalp sebum production, vitamin E increases scalp blood circulation to help keep hair follicles productive, and vitamin B helps hair retain its healthy color.

Keep Your Head Sweat-free

Men with oily hair grow dandruff during summer because of sweating and the probability of hair falling increases. Aloe vera and neem shampoos could be used to keep the head cool and prevent flaking scalp. Men who wear helmets also suffer considerable hair loss during summer. When the sweat collects in the pores, the hair roots that cause men to lose hair are weakened. So it may avoid hair loss from wearing a scarf or bandanna over your hair or a terry cloth headband.


In the past, research has found medical evidence to associate stress with hair loss. Hair loss due to stress is affected by environmental factors and if the stress can be handled, it can be more completely managed. De-stress yourself and one of the strategies to do that is by meditation practice. Holistic therapies, such as meditation and yoga, not only ease anxiety but also restore hormonal balance.

Rub Green Tea Into Your Hair

Study results have shown that rubbing green tea into your hair will help curb the issue of hair loss. Green tea is not only useful when trying to lose kilos, it is also a herbal remedy for hair loss. It contains polyphenolic compounds which are considered to be very helpful in stopping hair loss. All you need to do is boil two bags of green tea in a cup of water, leave it to cool, and add it to your hair afterward. For about an hour, clean your hair thoroughly. To see results, perform this for a week to ten days daily.

When you are having sudden or serious hair loss, consider scheduling an appointment with a hair expert. Bear in mind that any medication you use may take anywhere from six months to a year to demonstrate improvement in areas where there has already been hair loss. Hope you’ve been inspired by this writing about how you should take care of your hair to avoid hair loss.