Prepare your cv for a more difficult job market


Initially, the virus seemed to threaten only Asia, but it spread so quickly that it was necessary to lock down almost half of the world’s countries. Such a controlled closure triggered a crisis that had a huge impact on the economies of many countries in the world. For this reason, conditions on the labour market have become more difficult, and the severity of the crisis has made finding a job much more difficult today than six months ago. Here are several methods how to effectively improve your CV, thanks to which your chances of finding a job will be much higher.

Home office – the new COVID reality

The coronavirus has completely changed our way of life, because overnight we were told to stay in our homes. Remote work has become a new reality that millions of employees around the world have to face. Of course, not all industries were able to switch to remote work, which is why the economic situation began to deteriorate drastically. Many people have lost their jobs as companies have started making job cuts just to stay afloat. Finding a job became difficult as the world plunged into economic crisis. As the situation with the pandemic began to straighten out, jobseekers faced a completely new challenge – to adapt their CV to the new requirements of employers.

5 things you can change on your CV to have a better chance of finding a job

The post-pandemic job market requires many jobseekers to do things that were previously completely foreign to them. Therefore, today’s CV must contain several points that will distinguish the candidate from the others. The pandemic has shown how important it is to use modern technologies efficiently today, which is why employers pay attention to:

1. Knowledge of programs such as Zoom, Skype or even Discord – teleconferences have become commonplace in the era of the coronavirus, which is why good knowledge of the above-mentioned programs is essential today, because remote work is still performed in many industries.

2. Use of social media – social media has started to play the role of a public space, so good knowledge of Facebook or Instagram is nowadays an attractive point in your CV.

3. Availability to work remotely – home office was a real shock for many people, especially if they have kids. Finding space for work and trying to focus when there are many household members around was quite a challenge. Including information in your CV that you are prepared to work remotely gives the employer a clear signal that the candidate is ready to work even during a lockdown.

4. Compliance with the rules – each epidemic is spread by people who ignore the problem, so sticking to the rules of hygiene (washing hands and disinfecting them) is another point which is extremely important during a pandemic.

5. Good knowledge of the e-commerce environment – during the lockdown, almost every industry tried to move to the web, because the Internet has become a place of sale not only for goods, but also all kinds of services. Emphasizing in your CV that you have good knowledge of e-commerce shows you are familiar with global trends in many industries.

How to navigate in today’s job market

Many people began to perceive the pandemic as an apocalypse. However, it is worth noting that such large changes in the labour market also offer many new opportunities. The crisis has shown which industries are the most profitable, and where there is a constantly high demand for specialists. The current situation should be viewed as an opportunity, because the labour market has changed, which has in turn resulted in a change in the current trends. This is very good news as boosting your CV increases your chances of being hired. If you are looking for a website where you can create a professional CV, be sure to visit Looking for a job after the pandemic is not as difficult as it seems, because it is enough to strengthen your CV so that the employer knows that you are a valuable employee who will cope in all conditions. Versatility and ease in adapting to changes are very much in demand in the labour market today, so it is a good idea to include the tips provided in this article.