Presets Lightroom that Transform Instagram Accounts


Lightroom presets have taken the online world by a storm. Everyone wants stylish photos on their social media accounts. Now you can do just that with a quick and cost effective solution.

Choose from over 150 presets from 123Presets and add your personality to your Instagram account. Create a minimalist, vintage or cool account feeling with just one click. It has never been easier to transform your social media account and make it look PRO.

You will no longer have to worry if your photos match with each other because the preset will adjust your photos color tones automatically.

How Do Presets Lightroom Actually Work?

One of the easiest ways to explain what Lightroom presets are is to compare them to Instagram filters. Everyone has noticed that you can edit your pictures directly in the Instagram app.

However, Instagram influencers don’t edit photos in Instagram for a couple of really important reasons:

  • When you continuously edit photos individually, it takes a lot of time,
  • It becomes difficult to edit all the photos exactly the same, hence your Instagram feed doesn’t look that cohesive,
  • Photo editing options on Instagram app are really limited.

Lightroom presets may look fairly similar to Instagram filters in a way that they both edit images. But there is one huge difference. Instagram filters are not efficient and don’t have that many editing options.

With Lightroom presets you can:

  • Edit all of your photos easily in the same style,
  • Lightroom presets retouch will make your pictures look professional and cohesive in your Instagram feed,
  • Photo editing options in Lightroom mobile are endless (the same options are used by professional photographers.

The best part about Lightroom presets is that there is complete transparency. You will see which editing settings the preset iterates. Do you really need to know all the settings? Definitely not. However, if you are curious, you have the possibility to learn more about photo retouching by simply checking out your mobile phones settings.

How Do Instagram Presets Transform Presets Lightroom Accounts?

Simply by making your Instagram photos look more professional, you achieve a stunning look. Your Instagram feed becomes aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want to become an Instagram influencer or have your own personal brand, Instagram visual is extremely important.

You can create a whole Instagram look that will attract people’s attention and will make your feed look stylish. But more than anything, Lightroom presets help you develop your own personal look that matches your personality through colors and tones of the presets.

How to Take Your Instagram Account to the Next Level?

Editing with Lightroom presets is so easy that you will no longer have to worry about creating new content. Adding new photos will be a fun experience because you will be able to continuously create better and better images without spending tons of time on retouching.

As of right now, the recommended number of Instagram posts in your feed is three posts per day. However, the number increases greatly when it comes to Instagram stories. Here, marketing specialists recommend uploading 7 stories per day. Sure, it can be video content, screenshots and questions to your audience. Nevertheless, your stories also need to be supplemented with eye catching photos.

Not everyone takes the time to make their Instagram stories eye-pleasing. Hence, that’s your chance to really stand out from the crowd. With the right kind of stories, you can most definitely grow your Instagram account faster than other people.

What are the Most Common Mistakes when it Comes to Instagram Presets?

Not using Lightroom presets to their full potential. You can’t just take random photos and expect that the preset will do all the work for you. Of course, the preset will do its magic on almost any photo. However, the competition on Instagram is pretty fierce. There are more and more accounts that use Lightroom presets everyday. Hence, you need to find a way to make your photos look even better than your competition.

You can easily do that by selecting outfits that will be easy for your Lightroom preset to compliment. For example, if you love minimal style, let your clothing speak of that also. If your preset highlights teal color, wear something that has blue or aqua tones in it.