Proposal ideas that avoid the clichés


A proposal is a beautiful and unforgettable moment in the life of you and your partner. It is a solemn commitment to spend the rest of your lives together in eternal love and happiness. However, proposals come in many different forms. They can be discreet and casual, or public and theatrical, depending on what kind of couple you are by character. Whatever the form, your proposal is a significant step that you only get one shot at to show that you are truly devoted to your partner, thereby creating a joyful lasting memory. It is therefore important to match the style of your proposal to the expectations and personality of your partner, instead of simply copying one of the standard run-of-the-mill clichés seen in films or magazines.

Just as the style of your proposal should be tailored to you and your partner’s wishes and expectations, so we at DiamondsByMe make customised engagement rings that are specially designed to match your occasion and personal preferences. All our rings are lovingly and expertly handmade by our jewellers according to your requested design and from supreme-quality materials. For example, you can choose silver, gold, white gold, rose gold or even luxury platinum as the precious metal for the ring band, and from a range of premium gemstones to mount on top. But these rings are much more than pieces of jewellery. Each one will hold unique sentimental value to you as a couple, and no matter how dazzling a ring looks on its own, it will be at its most beautiful only when matched with the wearer.

If you’re struggling to decide what gemstone to have on your ring, we highly recommend emerald. Emerald is a delicate green precious stone that traditionally stands for love, unity and partnership. This stone also has historical significance. It was once believed by mankind to have healing powers and famously worn by the queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra. However, regardless of their beauty by themselves, emeralds look their best when mounted on a piece of exquisite, handcrafted jewellery. Our premium-quality emerald stones come in various attractive shapes and sizes, such as in round, square, oval, or pear cuts. If you’re feeling spoilt for choice, we suggest our personal favourite stone shape at DiamondsByMe, the pear cut emerald. Emerald engagement rings look especially striking when a pear cut emerald stone is mounted on a white gold or platinum band.

Whatever your needs, at DiamondsByMe, we guarantee that you will get a stylish, timeless, reasonably priced, personalised product that will last you a lifetime and accrue sentimental value as your time together progresses. All our rings are carefully made to order and never mass-produced, so no two are ever the same. Therefore, we can take the clichés out of ring making just as you can take the clichés out of proposal making!