Psychological Thriller Film The Prowler Scoops Numerous Awards


A cast and crew known to film and television audiences throughout the U.K. is enjoying success from their award-winning short film, The Prowler, that won international recognition on the film festival circuit.

The psychological thriller was directed by Tim Kent, Clever Boy Media, who teamed up with producers Daniella Gonella and Jay Michaelson, DG Productions.

Matthew Arlidge (Silent Witness) penned the screenplay and wrote the role of Eva for actress Linette Beaumont, who will be seen this fall on Endeavour Series V and recently appeared as Cherish on EastEnders.

Beaumont captured ex-wife Eva’s evolving pain, playing opposite Dominic Rowan (Law and Order UK), her husband who fell in love with another woman. Beaumont took viewers on emotional highs and lows ranging from calm and desperation to seething madness and murder as hopes of reclaiming her husband’s affections were dashed.

Arlidge lauded Beaumont for embodying Eva’s vengeful spirit and that she “brought menace to the role.”

The cast was brought together under the expert eye of casting director Kate Plantin.

After winning Best British Film 2016, The Prowler’s crew and Beaumont have earned an impressive list of awards and nominations:

Winner: Best Lead Actress in a Short Film– 2017 Best Shorts Competition California
Nominee: Best Lead Actress in a Short Film – 2017 Madrid Film Festival
Winner: Best Performances — 2017 Toronto Film Festival
Nominee: Best Screenplay in a Short — 2017 Madrid Film Festival
Nominee: Main Short Film, 2017 St. Albans Film Festival
Nominee: Cinematography, 2016 Portsmouth Film Festival
Nominee: Score in a Short, 2016 Portsmouth Film Festival

Kent says the film “nailed audiences to the edge of their seats” and says as director he’s aware of the “sacred skills my actors bring” as they “connect emotionally with the audience.”

Gonella says the film came together in just a couple of weeks. She credits Beaumont and Rowan for giving “extraordinary lead performances” and delivering “a palpable sense of fear and dramatic engagement.”