Racist and abusive video of David Roper-Curzon, Baron Teynham and son Harry Roper-Curzon


Watch the racist video of David Roper-Curzon and his son Harry Roper-Curzon being abusive to ex-wife Hanna Jaff: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8 WARNING: physical abuse included along with violence, racism defamation, extortion, robbery, and threats.

Tone-deaf people that are racist themselves may say it’s put together into a story but there is no way to make up a story by some of the full conversations that can be seen in this video. This marriage was not a business agreement, it was a love story, and no matter how much money one family has over the other, in no way is she obligated to take financial care of him, or to have to give everything to the other. Her family is twice as old as his and has also had titles. No one is above anyone. She is accomplished and had a future ahead, she had no need to be there and put up with this abuse.

As seen in the video: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8 David John Henry Ingham Roper-Curzon or Baron Teynham a title not worthy to him, was born on the 5th of October 1965. He is a scammer, criminal, extortionist, racist, gold digger, and abuser.

The Roper-Curzon family is a ring of gold diggers, the family works together as a team to catch their next rich prey. All date rich women to pay off their debts and keep pretending to have a high-end life.

David Roper-Curzon, one of his women is a 32-year-old Norwegian millionairess Elisabeth Krohn, director at Sabath magazine, who just purchased Ampney Park, brags he will keep it someday and already moved in. His daughter Elizabeth Poppy Roper-Curzon is an escort, a high-end prostitute who dates rich men to pay for her life. She has also been involved in money transfer scams abroad, and lived in the Dominican Republic waiting to land illegal investments from high net-worth investors, when she almost got arrested she moved back to London. His youngest son Thomas “Tommy” Roper-Curzon is a drug addict and known to always leech on anyone he meets and is unemployed.

The ex-wife, Lucinda Airy Roper-Curzon, who weirdly kept David’s surname this whole time, manages and helps them all catch their prey, acting as their private investigator, even looking after David’s dog and house-sits so David can spend time with wealthy girlfriends. Harry Roper-Curzon his eldest son and heir, is their puppet, Lucinda is known to write his emails and make all decisions for him. He was married to philanthropist and socialite Hanna who is heard in the video: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8

David Roper-Curzon known as the starving artist or the drunken artist divorced his second wife Melanie Roper-Curzon who sued her for millions, using Michael Roper-Curzon as his legal sponsor. She also suffered domestic violence and was smeared in society after they separated. He cheated and beat her, the same as Lucinda when they were married. Lucinda coming from nothing was only married to David because she purposely impregnated herself.

Pylewell Park is in debt and is now owned by David Roper-Curzon’s nine siblings and trustee: Alexander Scrymgeour Dundee, her sister Elizabeth Teynham and her ten children are in the trust: Ben Roper-Curzon, Peter Roper-Curzon, Alice Roper-Curzon, William Roper-Curzon, Johnny Roper-Curzon, Sophie Roper-Curzon, among others. Harry and David both are looking for someone rich to marry to pay off the debt and kick them all out, especially Alexander.

His ex-wife, Lucinda Roper-Curzon, lives in a studio shack in the countryside and is always too embarrassed to have anyone over, and has no friends. All three kids have nowhere to live, so always stay at different people’s homes in London. Lucinda buys her food with stamps given by the government. Lucinda was 26 at the time and David was 19 years old, married out of wedlock, and married David four months later.

Nosey Lucinda reconnected with the Roper-Curzon family only thanks to Harry’s engagement and divorce. She has never worked a day in her life or studied any career because she thinks it’s beneath her. But has managed to keep Harry’s entitlement a secret till today. In Peerage laws and the Teynham family grant in the 1600s, the parents need to be married when a baby is conceived to be entitled. Since David and Lucinda married, it makes Harry legitimate but not entitled. He is not the correct heir to Baron Teynham. Video of him: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8
The Roper-Curzon obsessed with money, use their title to impress rich women and people. Quite pathetic since it’s the only thing they have. Always claiming they are blue blood and are more entitled to the English throne than the current Royal Family. Always criticizing and mentioning that the current Royal Family is German and should not be in power. Not recognizing Queen Camilla as Queen and King Charles III as incoherent.

The reason why the Roper-Curzon’s talk about titles so much is that it’s the only thing they have to hang on to. None of them have any self merits. They love saying they’re cousins with Princess Beatrice and Eugenie and Sarah Ferguson but in reality, they don’t even know each other and are very distant cousins.

Their family history only dates back 400 years, as the Telegraph newspaper said was only thanks to his social-climbing ancestor John Roper. Harry, was also always undermining other European Aristocrats and said the only real Aristocrats today are the English. It’s funny he mentions this since he is low aristocracy and only has one minor title which he isn’t even really entitled to. There is a petition for him to be removed: https://www.change.org/harrymexico where 12,000 people already signed.

Harry Roper-Curzon, who cheated on Hanna with Philippa Holland and other women can be heard in the video: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8, never even graduated from college despite saying he went to Oxford and doesn’t own any business since 2019. Although he says he is a director of his construction company on his LinkedIn, this is not true. At the moment, he gets state benefits from the government that are £700 a month. According to Companies House, all his businesses are dissolved, and Popinjay Limited is in debt of £266k, with George Munton.

The family has a £20 million debt on their lost family estate, Pylewell Park. They demanded Harry Roper-Curzon’s ex-wife Hanna pay for it. They threaten her that if she didn’t they would destroy her career, family, and reputation publicly as can be heard in the video. Since things did not go their way they started to mistreat her, putting her down, calling her out, extorting her, domestically violating her, undermining her accomplishments,  threatening to ruin her to the press, and racially discriminating against her. They voluntarily went to the press to defame her and sold a story to tabloids for £1,000, such a low move to do in British society and selling your wife for that amount. How poor do you have to be to do that? Brits don’t wash their dirty laundry in public.

Harry Roper-Curzon has this “new rich” mentality, would grab his ex-wife’s credit cards and charge thousands for things he did not even need. Changing one-hour flights to first-class or moving from one five-star hotel to another. Demanding suites or shopping at high-end stores. Inviting his friends at 5 Hertford and Annabels using Hanna’s cards to show off. Inviting his siblings to Mexico and the Caribbean, and charging $20k for nightclub tables and expenses. Even using her fame and exposure in exchange for getting male breast reductions.

Maybe it was his complex for growing up poor and being overweight ginger with bad teeth and being made fun of as a child for it. Or maybe it’s because he’s always been a failure in every business. He’s been trying to launch a music app BeatCoin for years, yet hasn’t succeeded or even started, and also a Mexican restaurant, but hasn’t managed to either. Turns out the only thing he is good at is being a dog sitter for his dog and taking walks.

The video is disgusting. This family is a racist leech who should be in jail! It’s all about the money here! Harry Roper-Curzon would aim at his ex-wife Hanna with nonsense, she is an easy target because she is so accomplished. He must have loved the five minutes of fame and thought he is on a scripted reality show. He got to see the famous and rich life with her and realized he could aim even higher. He would ask her for money and manipulate her into always saying it was a loan. Just used her until he could and then get rid of her, he never really loved her.

Harry said so many nasty comments about her but let us not forget that he was the one that asked to meet and marry her, not the other way around. They could have had a very influential and promising future together, most saw them as a power couple. They had it all for being just newlyweds. He visited Mexico and met her family before he proposed in the Swiss Alps. They married six months after they met. He got free rent, expenses paid, free travel, wardrobes, and everything he wanted out of her, he even got a breast reduction, only for him to try to character-assassinate her in return. After all this information came to light, I’m sure no decent smart girl will come close to him. British society neither! Video: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8

No man would ever talk about a woman the way he did, especially a woman that was his wife and gave him everything. Harry, now broke and alone was way better off with Hanna. What he said about her, makes him look worst than whatever he is defaming about her. Which British honorable family goes to the press voluntarily and does this? The Aristocrats usually avoid scandals and the press. That is a horrible look on him. If he was a gentleman or ever really loved her, he would have never tried to ruin her or anyone to begin with.

Hanna had been quiet the whole time until he chose to go to the press first, and she had no choice but to defend herself back, but that said, she never interviewed or made a statement in the U.K. press to defend herself. A now-deleted Daily Mail article only explained his side. Well, that’s because the reporter was close to the Roper-Curzon’s.

The Daily Mail did not put the allegations forward to her before publication. In the end, Daily Mail took down the article and she was compensated, so Lucinda and Harry were wrong. Articles are only taken down if not true. I wonder if Harry apologized to Hanna after realizing this. Probably not, his ego and accepting he made a mistake will never be. The couple was introduced by Martha Sitwell, who always posts on women empowerment on her Instagram, but showed no support to Hanna. Another tone-deaf one-sided Brit? Or a racist? Wonder if she even cared to hear her side or ask how she was. Video: https://youtu.be/CiQdCnqtOO8

Hanna at the time defended herself on her social media and published her school and work credentials which she worked so hard for. She is now back in Mexico with her friends and family until the divorce is finalized. Harry used to have a five-bedroom cottage in South Hampshire, a two-bedroom flat in Chelsea, and unlimited funds while traveling nonstop at five-star hotels (all at the same time), but now is living in some shack hanging out with his mum and dog. He kept Hanna’s deposit on the house and all of her furniture.

Harry Roper-Curzon and his siblings, aside from using acquaintances like the Guinness, Newport, and Dalmeny families to stay in their homes and leech, are also known to ask anyone they meet to connect them with UHNW investors that would be open to deploying £10m for “very consistent stable yields and shareholding.” Promising investors that they would make 10-fold on their original investment. None of these interactions exist and it’s a way to steal money from friends and acquaintances.

To David and Harry: go and get a job and stop using women!

Racist and abusive video of David Roper-Curzon, Baron Teynham and son Harry Roper-Curzon