Raising the luxury luggage bar with Monos


More and more travellers from around the world are purchasing luxury cases from the manufacturer Monos. The company’s philosophy is based on Japan’s mono no aware concept, which emphasises the importance of appreciating the beauty of fleeting moments. Incredibly passionate about travel, the team at Monos talk about the importance of using it for spiritual and emotional development. The company also have a passion for mindfulness, the spiritual process of remaining in the here and now and fully engaged with the present moment. When we practise mindfulness during travel, we can see the world’s deepest beauty according to the Monos website.

Timeless simplicity

One of the reasons Monos products have become so popular is their simplicity, with many of their designs being modern takes on timeless classics. The team have become renowned for their attention to detail. No detail is seen as too small to be important. “Understated” is just one term regularly used to complement Monos travel solutions. The company source materials of the finest standards from companies of the highest repute when seeking out components for their travel cases. When a component has been unavailable, they have even worked with industry specialists to create it in-house. Monos have also become well-known for their slogan “good is the enemy of great”.

Surprisingly affordable

Some customers have been pleasantly surprised to see how affordable Monos products are compared to other luxury travel cases and are deemed the best carry-on luggage. A big reason for this affordability is the way the company sells products directly to its customers, removing the middleman from the process. The materials and factories used by Monos are also chosen by many of the world’s well-known luxury travel brands, but the company passes the savings it makes onto its customers. Monos frequently talk about the value of powerful human connections, saying they can dramatically improve the quality of customer relations, living standards and the travel experience.

Maintaining the highest standards

Monos only works with factory partners who are equally as passionate about their exacting standards. The Monos team visited a high number of factors before deciding which ones to collaborate with. Many of these fell short of their standards and expectations. The ones they did choose to work with were selected due to their attention to detail, expertise, craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

Rethinking the luxury travel case

Company CEO Colin still inspects each Carry-On case before it becomes available to the public. Another reason for Monos’ increased market share is its innovative, pioneering work on reimaging the classic suitcase. Changes made have included placing the handle release button on the underside of the case for ergonomic reasons, reducing torsional and lateral movement by rethinking the telescopic assembly and using high-grade aluminium for tubing rather than cast zinc. The results of these changes have included optimised appearance, durability and ease-of-use.

Durable materials from leading sources

Monos luggage cases are vacuum formed with virtually unbreakable German Makrolon polycarbonate. This lightweight, aerospace-grade material plays a big role in delivering the impact-resistance these products are noted for. Cases also feature Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run Wheels. Hinomoto is a leading Japanese manufacturer that has collaborated with Mistubishi to design the wheels. Inside the cases, durable, anti-bacterial and waterproof 350 denier polyester can be found.

40 stringent tests

The company has also become well-known for its many rigorous testing procedures. In fact, 40 unique tests are carried out to ensure the cases reach the standards Monos have set for themselves. As travel cases are likely to face a wealth of challenges during transportation, these tests have been designed to ensure they can overcome them. Abrasion resistance, tensile strength and stiffness are just three things cases are tested for before they are made available to the public. During the tumble test, cases are loaded with weights of 16kg before being placed inside a rotating chamber to simulate rough handling, hard impacts and high drops.

Testing via simulation

Loads are placed onto the telescopic handle and inside the case during mileage testing. The case is then placed at an angle and rolled at speeds of 4km/h on a bespoke bumped treadmill which simulated rough, uneven terrain. During drop testing, suitcases are stored at 12°C then loaded with weights of up to 25kg. After this, the case is dropped onto a series of edges, corners and surfaces. Such stringent testing has enabled the company to deliver the peace of mind its discerning customers are seeking.

Connecting with Monos

The Monos team pride themselves on quality communication with their customers. You can contact Monos via email and their social media pages. To reach them via email, send a message to [email protected]. Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news and developments. Customers can also learn more about the benefits of their products and the 40 tests they undergo by heading to the website.