Raya Films London launches Crowdfunding Campaign


British Filmmakers Raya Films London have launched their crowdfunding campaign for their new film ‘Surveilled’, a horror thriller to be shot this year, written by director James Smith, the film is about a young man who believes he has found the identity of a terrifying serial killer stalking his hometown of Clairmont.

For film buffs or companies looking for something different some exciting perks are up for grabs and allow to get involved and with the track record of their first feature, it may be an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Screenwriter and producer Caroline Smith and film director James Smith made a splash on the indie film scene with their debut feature film ‘Do Something, Jake’. After sell-out theatrical screenings, a festival run, red carpet premiers, sprinkled with some celebrity gossip in the national press on and off the TV, and winning a ‘Best Feature’ award, US-based Meridian Releasing Group have now signed the debut feature film by Raya Films for worldwide distribution and will release the film on DVD/Blu-ray and VOD later this year.

Speaking to London-Post, on why they chose to crowdfund their new thriller ‘Surveilled’, Caroline says, “Despite being quite intense, the beauty of crowdfunding is you are connecting with people that are just as passionate about film as we are even if they are not involved in the industry. It allows them to have insights, be part or even become a little more involved if they choose to.”

Spence also mentions that filming can very quickly become political once traditional investment gets involved. “Crowdfunding allows us more creative independence, in terms of how we work, actors selection and flexibility, for example, some of the roles in our debut were originally written for men, but we ended up casting women instead, as they were able to bring the right character for the role to life. We can discover untapped talent in new faces regardless of age, gender, and race alongside more established actors. Not being accountable to financiers we are able to respond swiftly. But of course, we are open to investment and looking”, Caroline replies.

On Raya Films London previous success with ‘Do Something, Jake’ she commented: “We had no idea if we’d be able to achieve distribution. In fact, we were making preparations for self-distribution when we began to receive offers from US-based companies. When MRG said they wanted to take the film on, it was an easy decision to make. They are a perfect fit for Do Something, Jake. We’re excited to finally make the film available in various stores and online!”

What can we expect from the filmmaking duo Smith & Spence, Caroline announces, “We currently have a slate of movies we are working on. ‘Agent Kelly’, an experimental thriller about a female assassin. She avenged the killing of a friend and in turn, becomes the hunted. Then ‘Cyberlante’ another thriller we recently shot both are in post-production.

Known to break the mould Raya Films London offers a fresh angle and dynamic on the indie film scene. Their knack for mixing humour, noir and criminal menace like in ‘Do Something, Jake’ coupled with their Hollywood-inspired screenwriting and bold cinematography, and post-production crews from Europe and Los Angeles, they are the hot new faces to watch in British Film.

For further details on Raya Films London Campaign visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/surveilled-horror-film-2nd-campaign#/













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