RBT Review – Gateway to International Online Market


You need to consider market access when looking for an online broker. Most investors assume that that is a given and that every broker will provide excellent market access. But that’s untrue since only some online brokers allow traders to access the global market, especially the most lucrative markets. RBT prioritizes market access.

RBT Background

RBT is a trustworthy online broker with a proven track record. The broker has operated for over a decade and serves over 2 million client accounts. It has a strong financial position and enough resources invested for online trading and investment. The broker provides excellent trading and investment opportunities in various products and markets.

Why RBT?

Several factors make RBT your online broker of choice. Investors will come across many brokers with different offers and promises when selecting brokers. Picking the best becomes challenging because of the confusion. However, these outstanding factors make this broker the ideal one.

Access to Global Market

RBT understands the importance of market access and has ensured traders can access a truly global market. The broker offers access to many countries across the world. And this is a big market considering that most competitors provide access to far fewer markets. 

The broker supports many global currencies to enhance the international market experience. Including several coins on the platforms ensures that traders can trade easily in different markets.

Low Cost

RBT is a low-cost broker. The broker has no hidden charges. Commissions are generally low and start from as low as $0. Moreover, there are no account minimums, ticket charges, or added spreads. Traders can also deposit and withdraw money from their accounts freely.

Cost is an essential factor in online trading. It can discourage traders from using a particular online broker. Therefore, RBT stands out by ensuring that traders on the platform don’t pay high commissions or fees that end up eating up their returns.

Multiple Trading Platforms

RBT offers five trading platforms to traders. Five is a significant number considering that most brokers provide only two or three trading platforms. Many platforms offer traders options, meaning they can choose the venues depending on their preferences.

The trading platforms are for investors at different stages, including beginners, intermediates, and advanced traders. The level of sophistication increases from the beginner to the advanced levels. Therefore, they cater to every type of investor.


RBT has invested in technology to enhance the trading experience. On the platform, you will find multiple innovative tools to use. Some of these tools are for research and getting the latest market news. Others are for trading, including identifying investment opportunities and analyzing results.

RBT Products

RBT provides excellent investment opportunities. The broker offers a variety of investment assets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs, bonds, stocks, forex, and options, among others. You will find investment opportunities on the platform in virtually any investment area or asset class.

Trading Experience on RBT

RBT offers five leading trading platforms, including the web, desktop, and mobile phone platforms. The top web platform is a one-stop destination for all your trading needs, including account opening, funding, reporting, trading, and checking account balances. The other web platform has a unique design, and it’s for more advanced traders.

The desktop platform is just like the primary web platform. It offers similar functionalities but differs in design and look. This platform mainly targets active traders, especially those interested in trading multiple products.

Finally, RBT provides three mobile apps for trading. Each app is specifically for a particular clientele. For example, one is designed for beginners and has no complicated features. Another is intended for the more advanced traders and comes with more functionalities and features.

Despite having multiple trading platforms, the fantastic thing about RBT is that you can trade across all platforms simultaneously. You can use the platform while in the office and shift to the mobile app while out or traveling. It allows one to trade continuously despite the location and time.

RBT Limitations

Despite the many good things about RBT, the broker has one major limitation. Two mobile app trading platforms still need further development because they deny users an optimal trading experience. Nevertheless, you can enjoy excellent returns and profits investing or trading with this broker. Contact them for more information. 


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.