Reasons To Buy Used And Refurbished Woodwork Machinery


Buying used and refurbished woodwork machinery makes sense for lots of reasons. The good news is that you can get some pretty up-to-date equipment at a price considerably less than buying new. While that may be a primary consideration, there are many other great reasons to buy used or refurbished woodworking machinery for your workshop. Whether it’s a hobby in your back bedroom, a small garage or shed set up, or a full-on commercial woodworking business, there are 

Saving money

Unforeseen circumstances, business closures, or upgrading machines mean many excellent and pretty new machines are often available. Buying new quite rightly costs more, and sometimes it can be the only way to get the latest model. Yet used or refurbished woodwork equipment often has surprises in how new some of the machines available are. Suppose you don’t need an all singing and dancing machine. In that case, many used machines could offer precisely what you need for a much lower price, leaving you money free for other essential woodworking machinery and tools, making economic sense.

Better equipment

Refurbished woodworking machinery is serviced and has parts repaired or replaced to ensure it is fully working. You are also likely to get a warranty if you buy from a reputable business to give you added peace of mind. Refurbished woodwork machines can often be factory returns that cant be sold as new. Perhaps the packaging or machine suffered damage sufficient for the retailer to replace. You will get a better machine for your money by buying used or refurbished.

Ethical sales and servicing experts

Buying woodworking machinery can involve significant spending, so you need to receive the best advice. The right direction means choosing the best, not necessarily the most costly machine, and more personal service than buying from an online retailer or busy mainstream seller. A reputable business that supplies new, used, and refurbished woodwork machinery across leading brands is more likely to be impartial than a sales rep, so you can be sure that they will offer advice on the best fit for your needs.

Environmentally friendly

Growing calls for a greener environment means we should consider what happens to some perfectly good machinery when it is finished with. The answer is most likely landfill or limited recycling of some components. So buying a used or refurbished model is excellent for our environment. Breathing new life into otherwise redundant equipment will reduce the production demands and environmental damage caused to make new machines and allow us to reduce waste, recycle and reuse.


Buying new or refurbished items can significantly speed up the delivery of your new woodwork equipment. Refurbished and used equipment is already in stock, so you can be up and running much more quickly and actually get to see the exact woodworking machine you are buying. Buying new machinery can take as long as six months or more, especially if demand is high and manufacturers have extended lead times.

Of course, your retailer may have some stock to hand for new machines, but with all the other benefits of buying used or refurbished machinery, you may as well take a look at what they have to offer secondhand first.

Supplier relationship

Buying woodworking machinery that has been serviced and refurbished in-house gives you access to experts on the workings and requirements of the varying machines. They have experts and experience that can be invaluable to advise and help you prolong the life of your equipment, and reputable dealers will ensure that only the best parts, components and materials are used. There are great opportunities to forge relationships that can help you when you need dealer servicing or repairs to the woodworking machinery you buy from them and other equipment you have.