Here are the most recreated movie scenes EVER


The “flying” scene from Titanic, the “lift” in the last scene of Dirty Dancing – and Meg Ryan’s restaurant outburst in When Harry Met Sally are among the most recreated movie scenes, according to a new study.

Researchers from Panasonic polled almost 2,000 Brits and revealed that six in ten of us have attempted (some more successfully than others) to recreate a memorable movie moment – with 41 percent having attempted the Dirty Dancing “lift” when on holiday or in a swimming pool.

A more ambitious 21 percent have tried to pull off the dance move in a bar or pub, with one in ten having INJURED themselves after attempting the show-stopping lift.

A further 40 percent have acted out the Titanic flying scene on a cross-channel ferry, while 21 percent have attempted it on a cruise ship and a more low budget have recreated it on “a friends’ boat.”

Another favourite moment to re-enact is the famous “Are you talking to me?” monologue Robert De Niro performs in front of his mirror in the 1976 film Taxi Driver, the poll by Panasonic found.

A raucous 37 percent of adults have acted out the orgasm scene Meg Ryan performs in an American diner in When Harry met Sally whilst in the pub after a few drinks and 68 percent have performed the scene in the privacy of their own home.