Renowned street artist Dan Kitchener brings the bustling neon lights of Yokohama to London


Renowned street artist, Dan Kitchener, has brought the bustling neon lights of Yokohama to London this week with a bespoke neon art installation

London, United Kingdom, Friday 24th September – Celebrated the world over for his truly iconic epic scale murals SEGA is thrilled to announce that Dan Kitchener has transformed the Waterloo Leake Street Arches into an unmissable neon spectacle.

Dan’s artwork draws heavily from Japanese culture and beautiful colour contrasts that bring unforgettably eye-catching scenes to life. The bespoke interactive art installation created yesterday is inspired by the vibrant, sprawling Yokohama city setting of RGG Studio’s latest video game release, Lost Judgment (out now from SEGA).

This exciting one-of-a-kind art installation is open for the public to experience from 10.30am today until 7pm Saturday evening so be sure to come along to see the finished product.

During this time members of the public can pose in combat stances taken from the game in front of the mural in a custom neon light rig to create social keepsakes that are scroll-stoppingly impressive!