Research: Israel adopts Conservative views on the Supreme court. Leading: Ohana, Sa’ar.


Israel just finished its third election cycle within a year, due to its Parliaments inability to form a government. Covid19, that just recently caused panic all over the world, played well for PM Netanyahu, who pushed his major opponent, Benny Gantz, to the corner, separating Gantz from his old coalition.

Netanyahu had a good week: The Supreme Court of Israel unanimously ruled that despite having charges brought against him for severe corruption crimes, Netanyahu, or Bibi as hes called by Israelis, can form a government without any legal boundaries.

To summarize Israels story this week: Israelis love Bibi as much as they disapprove of the court. This is Netanyahus real battlefield: forming a coalition of legal conservatives.

Defense Minister Bennets dramatic decision to withdraw from the government and remain a member of the opposition together with former Justice Minister Shaked caused concerns at the PMs office. It put Netanyahu in a difficult position, forcing him to prevent a right-wing but Bibi-disappointed coalition against him.

It comes down to three major figures: Edelstein, former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset who resigned to please Netanyahu and to sustain unity inside the Likud party, Homeland Security Minister Ardan who seeks a senior role in Netanyahus government, and Gideon Saar, former Education and Interior Minister and front-runner against Bibi to become Likud Leader.

A new poll shows that the two figures the public hold to be Bibis biggest allies in overcoming the Supreme Courts leftist agenda are Justice Minister Amir Ohana and former Minister Gideon Saar.

Ohana will probably be appointed Homeland Security Minister due to his background at the Shin Bet. If appointed, Saar will become the secret sauceof unity within the Likuds leadership and can be the factor leading to Netanyahus stability at the head of the table.

What will Netanyahu do? Bibis criminal trial begins soon. He will need as little background noise challenging his credibility as possible. His test will be if he can overcome past battles to keep the crown attached for years to come.