RESEARCH: Modern dads have become more competitive than ever before


Modern dads have become more competitive than ever before, with almost a THIRD admitting they have encouraged their child to cheat – in order for them to win at all costs.

New research of the nation’s fathers has revealed the extent to which fatherhood has become “dog eat dog”, with a staggering 82 percent admitting they are ruthless when it comes to their children’s achievements.

So much so – an optimistic 72 percent of the dads polled described their children as “gifted” – while 31 percent regularly post pictures of their offspring’s victories on social media and a quarter always enter dads races at sports day in a bid to beat other parents.

Two in ten can regularly be found shouting and bellowing from the side of the pitch when their child is playing sport.

However, 78 percent of those who insist they’re lucky enough to have gifted children, said they tried to play down the talents of their offspring, so as not to make others feel bad.

But 29 percent do not like it when other dads brag on social media about how well THEIR children are doing, however 8 percent confess to dropping their child’s successes causally into conversations at the school gate.

When it comes to getting our kids to exceed – 58 percent resort to bribery, offering presents or cash for achievements.