Research on abortion from different points of view: medicine, science, religion


There are not so many topics left that can be labeled as taboo in the 21st century, but abortion might be one of them. It is a sensitive subject that raises many unpleasant questions about women’s rights, ethics, and privacy. Nobody can just take one side and be just for or against permission/prohibition of abortion because this question is more complicated than that. We are witnessing a wave of conservatism in some European countries like Poland who made abortion illegal, which made strong reactions and opposition throughout the world. This only shows that people have very divided opinions about this issue, but the important thing is that we talk about it rather than avoiding the subject completely.

The Sanctity Of Life

Many scholars would argue that life is sacred and shouldn’t be so abruptly ended for ethical reasons but perhaps they have never been pregnant before. Maybe it is up to each woman and not the religion to decide for herself what to do with her body and with her unborn child. There are so many essay examples about abortion that dig deep into this subject and can shed new light on it from a different point of view. One can find some interesting essa and learn more about abortion from every angle, not just religious. Regardless of what we think, it seems like the world’s religions, including even Buddhism, will not change their opinion on abortion any time soon. 

It is no secret that religion has always been against the termination of embryo life by any means and had a bad opinion about those who were in favor of abortion. As far as religion is concerned, they are already condemned to an eternity in Hell, where the Devil will boil them in hot lava. Most of the women these days do not care about religious repercussions, especially if they live in modern developed countries where the church is not so strong any more. The situation is different in some more conservative Islamic countries where women are prohibited from putting an end to unwanted pregnancy under any circumstances. It is more an issue of the strength of religious institutions in these countries than anything else really.

Medical Ramifications Of Ending Pregnancy

So many debates concentrate on ethical or social ramifications, forgetting that women are the ones that take most of the burden here. Ending pregnancy leaves physical and emotional scars and can have an impact on every woman’s health. This is even more important as most women who take this step are very young, usually attending college or a university. If not done properly, an abortion procedure can leave each woman unable to get pregnant ever again. This is exactly what happens when illegal clinics take over due to the prohibition laws.

For these reasons, it is very important that young girls get proper education on this matter, and that we as a society stop condemning women who decided to take this step. Many countries still enforce a prohibition on embryo surgery, although this branch of medicine is developing rapidly with great results. In fact, advanced embryo surgery might help treat defects in fetuses that cause women to have an abortion in the first place. It is a complicated subject, but science should have a saying in this by employing technological achievements to help women cope with an unwanted pregnancy. We all need to learn a lesson and see this issue in a positive way and think about how will the ban or permission of abortion affect future generations.

Discussing the pros and cons of abortion is an open debate that has die-hard supporters on both sides. This issue shouldn’t be avoided or made into a taboo, especially today when we strive for openness in discussion to solve our problems. Sensitive matters like these should be more represented in school so each student can form his opinion on this issue based on relevant facts. Nobody should order women what to do with their bodies, science, religion, or conservative members of society. Perhaps this is one of those matters that people will never agree upon, so we will just have to keep the debate open and fight for everyone to have freedom of choice.