Research reveals that bikers make better drivers


New stats reveal that car users make 11% more claims on their insurance than motorcyclists who also drive cars, leading to the launch of a new website that offers bikers up to £89 off their car insurance.

Comparing drivers with those who also ride powered two-wheelers, the research from leading motorcycle insurance broker, Carole Nash found that bikers claimed on their car insurance less often, and when they did so, it was for smaller amounts.

Over a three-year period, bikers involved in incidents in their cars made cheaper claims. The attritional net loss ratio – a measurement used to indicate the severity and cost of accidents – was 13% higher for car drivers, compared with those who also ride motorcycles.

In recognition of the findings, a new website,, has been launched to reward the safety of bikers with discounts on their insurance.

Carole Nash regularly benchmarks the safety of bikers versus car drivers, with previous findings revealing a huge 16% of car drivers failed a re-test of their driving theory, whereas just 6% of bikers did not pass. Two-thirds of motorcycle riders could correctly identify the sign for the end of a dual carriageway, compared to just 37% of car users.