Retired Boxer Tony Bellew Sheds 1.5 Stone


Retired boxer Tony Bellew is fighting fit again after losing nearly one and half stone by following a new food and exercise regime.

The former cruiserweight world champion had piled on weight since hanging up his gloves last year, but he’s back in shape thanks to the’s Do The Unthinkable meal plan plus his own personal training techniques.

After peaking at 17 and a half stone just earlier this year, Tony is now down to around 16 stone.

He piled on the pounds after losing the motivation to follow a strict diet once his boxing career had ended, with injury also scuppering his exercise efforts.

Tony would feel self-conscious about being overweight before appearances on Sky Sports, as tailored suits from his days in the ring no longer fit properly.

But after dropping over 20lbs using musclefood’s 12 week Do The Unthinkable diet and exercise plan, Tony now wants to share his weekly diet routine and training techniques to help fans get fit too.

Tony commented: “I gained weight after retiring by living a normal life – I didn’t have that competitive desire to train anymore. Injury stopped me doing cardio too, which completely knocked me sideways.

“It’s been tough not having a big fight to work towards, but I don’t just want to be an unhappy, unhealthy rubber blob.

“Getting unfit was a problem that was only going to get worse if I didn’t address it. I needed a whole different wardrobe compared to when I was at fighting weight.

“I’d get a suit out for a TV appearance and realise it was too small now, so of course I was self-conscious and unhappy.

“At my heaviest earlier this year I was nearly 250lbs, but now I’ve nearly got back down to 220lbs with the help of musclefood.

“I could never do an extreme diet of ten boiled eggs a day or live off protein shakes, but their Do The Unthinkable meal plan has helped me get to a weight where I feel comfortable without any of the stress.

“I’m always on the go, so the weekly deliveries of pre-prepared meals and snacks are a massive, massive help. It saves so much time – life is just easier.

“I was often grumpy and narky in pre-fight camps because I lacked carbohydrates and everything was very bland, but with musclefood there’s over 100 different low calorie, low fat meals and such a variety of flavours to choose from. My favourite product is the Beef Ragu Pasta.”