Review: New Salary Calculator 21/22 – an unexpected Calculator from a London Start Up


For a comprehensive Permanent Salary Calculator, look no further than

Their easy-to-use permanent calculator gives you both a summary, and an in-depth breakdown of salary earnings, income tax rates, NI and tax-free personal allowance/relief, so you can easily and effectively understand your yearly tax commitments through their free to use system.

The reason why their Calculator is so effective is the breadth of their assessment: they are the only online calculator that offers what they call a Capital Earned summary, alongside easily identifiable graphics further summarising your full taxable and take-home income.

This is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a full spectrum assessment service free of fluff – there is no re-marketing email capture and no commitments beyond information regarding your pay. It’s simple, easy to operate and gives you all the information you need for the 2021/2022 tax year at the click of a button.

After a thorough review here are the top 5 features:

1. The only calculator that offers a Capital Earned Assessment, allowing you a fully realised review of your yearly commitments, savings, contributions, tax and pension outlay.

What do they call Capital Earned? Capital Earned is the sum of:

● Take-home pay,
● How much you have added to your pension pot (Employee AND Employer contributions)
● Tax Reliefs to claim on personal pension contributions and donations after-tax.
● Childcare Vouchers

2. Easy to Read Presentation

FindYourUmbrella’s calculator pages are all well designed, easy to navigate and give you all the information you need in a simple, but detailed, graph (See Below). Everything you need is accessible at a glance from simple pull-down menus. No downloading, no emailed spreadsheets, just data.

3. Free to Use and no Marketing


There is no cost for this calculator service, and no email capture to see your results.

4. Complete Allowance Report


This is one of the only calculators on the market that gives you every single allowance in their summary, such as the Blind Person Allowance, Marriage Allowance, Childcare Vouchers and more,

5. Quick Summary or In Depth


FindYourUmbrella offers two types of assessment – a Quick View salary breakdown that highlights your main taxable and take-home income, and an in-depth analysis of your income. Both options are free.



FindYourUmbrella have created a perfect, usable, and reliable 2021/2022 Salary Calculator. To review your salary and taxable commitments, visit their site here!