A modern revival of one of the great classics of British theatre is coming to Brockley to mark the 60th anniversary of the death of playwright Harold Brighouse.

Matthew Townshend Productions has given his Lancashire comedy Hobson’s Choice a modern twist setting it in the year 1958 instead of the late 19th century.

And now the play, first produced in England in 1916 and seen recently in London’s West End, is set to wow audiences at Brockley’s award nominated Jack Studio Theatre for two weeks.

Director Matthew Townshend said: “Reviving this British Classic and bringing it forward into the rock ‘n’ roll era has allowed us to breathe new life into the story.

“We have stayed true to the original script but added choreography, music and a Windrush-era twist.

“We are thrilled to be performing this at the Jack Studio Theatre for this two-week stint, especially in the year that marks six decades since the playwright’s death.”

The cast includes John D Collins, best known for his starring role in TV’s smash hit comedy ‘Allo! Allo!’, who plays Henry Hobson.

Michael Brown, who started his career with three seasons in Mark Rylance’s Globe Theatre Company, plays Will Mossop, Olivier award winner Natasha Cox appears as Nurse MacFarlane and provides the choreography, and Lucy Robinson, who has just been filming the new series of Cold Feet, provides the voice of ‘Mrs Hepworth’.

New songs for the production have been written and produced by upcoming musicians Ben Goble with Suffolk-based JS and the Lockerbillies.

Full details are on mtp’s website at