Richmond man jailed for five years for attacking victim with knife


A man has been jailed for five years for a knife attack, despite the victim not supporting the police investigation.

Jeffery Kachila, 21 of Sheen Park, Richmond was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on Thursday, 7 June to five years’ imprisonment for attempted GBH with intent and 15 months’ imprisonment for possession of an offensive weapon.

He had been found guilty of both offences on same day following a trial at the same court.

Kachila carried out the attack in a shop in Kingston Road, Teddington on 22 January.

At around 17:40hrs the male victim walked into the shop, followed a short time later by Kachila. Kachila walked up behind the victim, produced a knife and stabbed him three times in the back before walking out.

The victim also left the shop but was later traced by police – he was taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries before being discharged.

Officers spoke to the victim but he made it clear he did not wish to support the investigation. However, CCTV footage from the shop showed the incident and officers were able to identify Kachila as the assailant.