RISHI SUNAK is plotting tax cuts to help turn round the Tories fortunes in the polls


RISHI SUNAK is plotting tax cuts to help turn round the Tories fortunes in the polls, the party’s chairman has revealed.
In an exclusive GBNews interview, Richard Holden also said he’d fight for his country if ever asked to do so.
And he said the Tories would consider any application from Nigel Farage to join the Party.
Speaking to GBNews’ Political Editor, Christopher Hope, Mr Holden explained how a 2 per cent cut in National Insurance Contributions, which hits millions of pay packets today, was the beginning of a series of tax cuts.
He said that more tax cuts were expected on the March 6 Budget, and he added that voters should expect “more of that later this year as well”.
He told GBNews: “What we are now in is a situation where we are coming out of that very tough period, and we’re able to outline our plans for the future.
“And I think the actual tax cut, you mentioned the National Insurance cut for working people is the start of that.
“We’ll see more of that in March, and more of that later in the year as well. We have that new direction of travel, which is clear.”
The admission is the first time the Tories have admitted there could be a second fiscal event this year ahead of polling day.
Labour frontbenchers have said that they are expecting a second fiscal event in September, ahead of party conference season and polling day in early to mid-November.
On whether he’d fight for his country, Mr Holden told GB News: “Absolutely. If it ever came to that, I certainly would. But I don’t think we’re anywhere near that at the moment. I think what we’ve seen in Ukraine is a horrendous onslaught from an authoritarian dictator in Moscow which has fought, basically fought with a huge amount of money, working with his allies like Iran to really try and hammer a fledgling country.”
Mr Holden said the Conservative Party would “consider” an application from Nigel Farage to join the party.
Asked whether he wants Farage to join the party, in light of the polling, Holden told GB News: “Polls bounce around. Obviously you know, any application will be considered on its merits.”
Pressed on whether or not his response counts as a “no” to Farage joining the party, Holden responded: “It’s definitely not. Polls bounce around.”
Mr Holden also played down an overnight poll for GB News which gave Labour a 25 per cent lead over the Tories, which are just 8 points ahead of Reform UK in third place.
He said: “It’s quite understandable that between elections polls move around an awful lot.”
He pointed out that then PM Theresa May was 26 points ahead in 2017, called an election and “ended up losing a majority”.
He added: “Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics. Well, seven, eight, nine, 10 months can be a long time. But crucially people want to see ahead of an election and real direction of travel.”
Mr Holden also hinted that he would consider reappointing former deputy chairman Lee Anderson, who quit this month over Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda plan.
He said: “It was sad to lose Lee. He does a lot of good for the party, fundraisers around the country. Really helping gee up the membership. I hope he continues to do that.
“But the decisions on jobs for people are not one for me alone. I’ll have to chat to the Chief Whip and Prime Minister about it. But I think in the long term, you shouldn’t rule anything out.
“And in fairness to Lee, he was very decent and straightforward in his resignation letter.”
Earlier this week Mr Anderson – who is a presenter on GB News – said he regretted abstaining on the Rwanda plan.
Mr Holden said: “To admit that you’ve got something wrong is not always easy. And he’s done that. And so I hope he continues to be my colleague for years to come.
“And about his future jobs, well, we’ll have to see. I’m sure he’ll be on GB News for quite a while.”