As the voice of weekday mornings, Roman Kemp is in the studio and on our radios before many of us have even got out of bed. In an entertaining new video, the radio host has revealed the life-hacks that save him time each morning.

After rubbing the sleep from his eyes at 4.45am, Roman performs a number of ‘task fusions’ to get him up and out of the house on time – ‘task-fusing’ takes two seemingly unrelated tasks and fuses them together to save valuable minutes in the morning.

Roman reveals he brushes his teeth in the shower, and sometimes sleeps in his gym gear and always eats breakfast whilst at work to save valuable minutes in the morning.

Roman’s Top 5 Task Fusions:
1. Mixing music while eating a ‘deskfast’
2. Brushing his teeth in the shower
3. Walking the dog while vlogging on social media
4. Sleeping in workout gear to making morning exercise easier
5. ‘Grooming’ on the morning commuteIt’s not just Roman who is adopting ‘task-fusions’ to start their day; new research shows these new time hacking trends are on the rise amongst UK millennials, giving back 52 minutes that are normally lost on daily tasks.

Roman said: “I have the same routine every morning – my alarm goes off at 4:45 and I don’t have long before I have to leave the house. I can’t remember the last time I had a lie-in! Eating breakfast at my desk is just one of the ways I manage to fit everything in. I’m not surprised to see my fellow millennials getting involved in task-fusing either as there’s so much going on these days – it just makes sense!

Many, like Roman, eat breakfast at their desks (70%) and save morning grooming for the daily commute (37%) in order to make more time for friends, family and work.


1. Checking emails while eating ‘deskfast’ (70%) – 10 minutes saved
2. Brushing your teeth in the shower (58%) – 2 minutes saved
3. Prepping for work/planning your day in the shower (57%) – 15 minutes saved
4. Catching up on news while commuting (47%) – 5 minutes saved
5. Completing ‘life admin’ on your lunchbreak (37%) – 20 minutes saved
6. Applying perfume, aftershave or deodorant on the commute (37%) – 2 minutes saved
7. Catching up on TV whilst commuting (36%) – 30 mins saved
8. Styling hair on the commute (34%) – 10 minutes saved
9. Applying make-up on the commute (26%) – 10 minutes saved
10.Sleeping in gym gear ahead of morning workout (23%) – 5 minutes saved

Rod Rampage, Granola Fusion’s Product Innovation Director said: “Roman’s morning routine is a prime example of how millennials are developing ways to be more efficient in the mornings. ‘Task-fusing’ can save valuable minutes in the morning and this is reflected in the development of Kellogg’s brand-new Granola Fusion – offering a delicious, just add water breakfast option for anyone on-the-go!”