Ryan Charlton Is Helping His Community Through Property Development


Ryan Charlton, an Australian businessman and property development professional, is helping his community in the nonprofit sector by developing facilities for those who are most vulnerable.

Charlton, who works within the facilities management and property management sector for community based organisations and nonprofits, says that his work is rewarding and that he wouldn’t change it for anything else.

Managing teams of up to ten people, implementing asset management frameworks and undertaking project management from start to finish is just part of Charlton’s role.

Over his 15 year career, Ryan Charlton has had the opportunity to develop and manage hundreds of properties, but he says his focus on the nonprofit sector is the most rewarding of all.

“Working within the community sector gives me great satisfaction and pride in what I do,” says Charlton.

While interest rates globally remain low, soaring housing prices makes it harder for low income and medium-low income families to afford homes. That’s where Ryan Charlton and his team come in, developing affordable housing in the nonprofit sector.


The current situation means that high net worth individuals are able to triple down on borrowing and buying up more property while low income families find themselves priced out of the market.


“These organisations work with vulnerable people in the community, and the work I do directly supports that frontline work,” says Charlton.


According to a report by the NGO, Australians for Affordable Housing, house prices rise faster than incomes for 80 percent of Australians.


The pandemic has only exacerbated the effects of mortgage stress and financial pressure, making affordable housing and developments more essential than ever before.


Ryan Charlton says he is happy to be helping his community through property development, and helping people brings him a high level of satisfaction.


One of the biggest accomplishments in Charlton’s career was overseeing the development of a mental health centre for youth: Headspace Mental Health Support in Mount Druitt.


Charlton explains that, “The site is now able to handle more youth who require mental health support.” He says it was the happiest moment of his career so far.

This project that Charlton oversaw totaled $1.15 million, and he saw the entire project through from the acquisition of the site all the way to the construction and development process.

Ryan Charlton says one of his main rules for success is always being customer centric and people centric. That means doing your best work possible for the people who hire you, but also thinking about the effect your work has on everyone.

Ryan Charlton says he plans to keep working in the community sector and helping people in need. He hopes to grow and learn from his work, and dedicate his future to community development and philanthropy.

Charlton attributes much of his success to the community he was brought up in and the support he received from others, as well as his own perseverance and commitment to hard work.

“No matter what you accomplish and where you go in life, it’s important to remember where you came from.”