Saltrex Waste saves goods from incinerator


Every year, more than 771 million tonnes of goods are classified as waste in the EU: more
than 40% is incinerated or landfilled. Often wrongly, Saltrex believes. The international
auction platform therefore comes with a new platform that systematically maps out and
offers the most optimal and circular processing options.

The Saltrex international auction platform was established in 2017. An independent online place for the sale of damaged but still usable batches.

CEO Michael Hajdasinski states: “Our users are now asking for a solution for goods that can never be placed on the market again and that have to be certified destroyed. Consider
brand T-shirts with water damage, which are normally burned to ensure that they are
destroyed. That could be better and is a shame! The parties involved also think so, but
often do not know how and where ”.

This is how the concept of Saltrex Waste came into being – the online platform that systematically maps out and offers the most optimal and circular processing options, with the certainty that this processing actually takes place through worldwide certification.

In this way, the T-shirts brand can be processed into new towels without fear that they will still be offered on the black market.

Old raw materials can thus be used to extract new ones and, in addition, increase
business results. “Workable circularity,” according to Saltrex. Crowdfunding campaign
Saltrex Waste not only meets a call from the market, but also meets a moral urgency. “The
call for sustainability and circularity is greater than ever. We have the experience,
knowledge and technical solutions to realize the platform for optimum recovery of raw
materials “.


A crowdfunding campaign was launched via Oneplanetcrowd to develop and
further develop both platforms.The goal of Saltrex is to reach at least 750,000 euros.

Saltrex Waste is an online platform that links the most circular and cost-reducing solutions
to the products and goods that would otherwise simply end up in landfill or incineration.

These can be goods that, because of the laborious nature of giving them a useful
application, are a cost item. Or goods that, due to brand protection or food safety, cannot simply be sold to every buyer and control must remain until the moment that they are actually destroyed. The Saltrex Waste platform will go live at the beginning of 2020.

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