Saqid Khan warns Government on their approach to immigration


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has argued that qualified freedom of movement of people is the best way to protect economic prosperity in London and the UK in the aftermath of Brexit.

Putting forward the positive case for immigration, Sadiq will warn that the Government’s strategy to look tough on immigration during the Brexit negotiations – at the risk of economic stability – is ‘one of the most severe, irresponsible and selfish mistakes by any political party in decades’.

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) Autumn Lunch in London, the Mayor will also accuse successive Governments of ‘ducking’ the issue of immigration.

He will say that for London and the rest of the country to prosper, it’s vital that we continue to have barrier-free access to the dynamic European workforce.

He will also say that it is possible to address concerns in parts of the country about the pace of immigration, and the impact this has had on communities, without losing membership of the Single Market and keeping our access to European talent.

Since the General Election, the Mayor has argued for continuation of Single Market membership beyond the point that the UK leaves the EU.

Sadiq’s speech coincides with the publication today of his immigration plan for London and the UK – a blueprint for what the Government should be doing.

He is clear that Britain needs a ‘robust managed immigration system and secure borders’, something which ‘goes without saying’.