Searching for Ideas on How to Boost Your Business with Instagram Videos? Here’s How!


Do you recall that moment when you thought you are ready to master Instagram, and a new feature popped up? Well, that was the time when this social media platform decided to shift their perspective and focus on videos. Indeed, this is a reasonable outcome, as Instagram is a visual platform. And the best part about this feature is that you can purchase social signals on Instagram for your videos with the help of Socialboss. This can only boost your statistics if you opt for reliable services such as mentioned. After you do this, make sure you implement one or more of the following tips on how to use Instagram videos to grow your business.

Share Videos in Your Story

Market data reveals that more than 250 million active users take the time to check out Stories daily. And this might happen since this Story is available only 24 hours. Our experts say that it is highly recommended to:

  1. Create an offer to be discovered within the Story,
  2. Consider sharing a one-time offer,
  3. Consider presenting your products or services,
  4. Consider sharing insights on your team,
  5. Consider a collaboration with an influencer.

Consider Timeline Video Ads

Instagram is so versatile that it can help you achieve the best digital marketing results. And one of the best approaches is to share a video campaign in your feed. Research reveals that such ads are more successful in generating both engagement and revenue, as users don’t need to take any action. They simply reach your ad in their feed, and it starts running.

Don’t Overlook the Power of Carousel Ads

Carousel ads represent another promotional approach on Instagram. These represent a simple series of visual cues that allow a user to swipe for more. And the best part about this is that you can add between two to ten pictures at once. Our tip is to use qualitative and professional photographs for such promotional campaigns for the best results.

IGTV is Your Next Ally

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for IGTV. And we do believe it is only reasonable to happen like this. Since 2018, IGTV gained a lot of popularity because it allows you to run up to 60 minutes of videos. Anyhow, if you use this for your promotional campaign, you should select the length of the video carefully. Specific audiences might take the time to watch a lengthy video. But some users might scroll over without even noticing it.

Share Videos in Your Timeline

As mentioned above, videos are vital for your Instagram success. So, why not use the 60 seconds allowed for timeline videos to your brand’s advantage? Well, you can use videos to underline new features for your products or services, or you can share a short commercial.

Boomerang is the Ultimate Feature For Instagram

Not all Instagram business accounts take the usage of boomerang seriously. But did you know that this can create impressive engagement? Well, since it resembles quite well a GIF, users tend to appreciate it more. It is your asset for revealing your brand’s uniqueness and personality.

So, How to Create the Best Instagram Video?

  1. Add text overlay and subtitles

It might be a good idea to implement text overlay and subtitles to catch your audience’s attention. And it is an efficient approach, as videos are displayed in the timeline on mute.

  1. Select a particular visual cue

Another thing you can do to make the best Instagram video for your brand is to stick with a resonating visual style. In this way, you will stand out from your competitors, and your followers will identify your brand more easily.

  1. Tailor a compelling caption

Captions are great for summing up your video in a couple of words. It is highly recommended to use something original and mix it with an enticing call to action.

  1. Add hashtags

Hashtags are there to help your content reach your audience. So, make sure you add keywords that relate to your content and business niche. And, of course, it might be a good idea to add up to eleven hashtags for the best results.

The Bottom Line

At this point, you know why and how to use Instagram videos to promote your brand. No matter if you use such data for regular posts or promotional campaigns, we do believe it can help you increase brand awareness and engagement.