Sex Coach Kim Anami Wants You to do ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’


There are loads of sex tips out there to help women orgasm better (or even orgasm at all), but what if the secret to better sex was a little “Vaginal Kung Fu”? It works, according to holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami, who has pioneered a course for women aimed at toning their vaginas to help them have turbocharged orgasms. 

A new solution to have better orgasms

Anami’s idea for the class came to fruition after hearing complaints from clients about a depleted sex drive and lackluster orgasms. Instead of teaching women the same old tricks to address the problem, Kim Anami came up with an eight-week virtual salon to help them harness their sexual energy from all sides. The course includes weekly guided vaginal strengthening exercises and guided meditation to encourage women to reconnect with their sexual and vaginal pleasure. Anami has already been practicing what she preaches for years; she lifts weights with her genitals to strengthen her pelvic floor, which can help make sex more pleasurable. 

Improving sexual health can be playful and fun 

Anami is a world leader in holistic health and relationship coaching and practices. Her work has been endorsed by gynecologists, integrative physicians, naturopaths, therapists, and midwives worldwide. On top of that recognition, she has also made a name for herself and the unique way she approaches difficult subjects related to sex and intimacy. The mood of the Vaginal Kung Fu course is upbeat, intended to show people that improving sexual health can be fun. “I’ve always been inspired by finding the really fun, playful ways I can get my message out there,” Anami says. The campaign for the course has Anami weightlifting different objects in different locations around the world. She has created various comedic and parody song videos to encourage more people to join the Vaginal Kung Fu movement. “That was what got people hooked in: a playful, disarming way of presenting that information,” Anami explains. 

Strong vaginas are the key to more enjoyable sex 

While a strong vagina might not be the first thing people think about as a variable for good sex, Anami says it’s a big one. Having a weak vagina can exacerbate other intimacy problems if women can’t feel their vaginas the way they should during intercourse. That can limit their ability to feel sexual pleasure. The disappointment of unfulfilling sex can then spill over into other parts of a woman’s life and leave her feeling like a failure. Anami explains that any woman can use her vagina to have epic, vaginal orgasms — but it might take some genital-muscle training to get there. 

Vaginal Kung Fu courses to start the new year 

The Vaginal Kung Fu course begins in February 2022. Anami says the message of the course is one of empowerment to show women their vaginas can do a whole lot more than they might think. Anami believes the sooner women believe in the power of their bodies, the sooner they’ll start having the sex they desire and deserve.