Sha Bengez Is Making A Impact With His Independent Record Label Chasing Bengez LLC & UK Based Music Producer PRODBYLEWIS


CHASING BENGEZ LLC is an independent record label created by Sha-Bengez, an up and coming hip hop artist from Bronx, New York. His commitment is to help artists bring in state of the art, amazing music without worrying about limits. Finding the right way to express yourself as a musician is very important for him, and Chasing Bengez LLC is a true testament of that. It allows great musicians to roam free and fully push the experience to new heights.

Chasing Bengez LLC was created in 2020, before the pandemic. The main vision is to empower creators to really bring in the best music, while also not being fearful of innovating. This is a label focused on creating music and not having to worry about bureaucratic challenges or anything like that. Numerous other artists came on and got signed to the label, like K-Capo, 2recklezz and Aukwurd. They are committed to the idea of bringing in great music that really helps push the boundaries and establish great ideas in a rewarding and engaging manner.

The label has been dropping music back to back with ProdByLewis a United Kingdom based producer who beats are on a next level. The Chasing Bengez LLC content is available all over the world thanks to streaming, and it continues to stand out with an incredible range of value and quality. It certainly manages to stand out as an empowering, powerful way to really push the boundaries to create the best music.

Chasing Bengez LLC is a label that focuses on the success and growth of artists. It allows free reign to avoid any challenges and think about what really matters, which is great music. Doing that really helps, and it brings in front some amazing results for artists.

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