Shamayun Miah discusses how we can reinvent our careers


Few people enter the job market knowing exactly what they want. The average person goes through over 10 jobs by the age of 50.

Sometimes people search for new jobs to find a change of scenery, or perhaps to find a career that aligns better with the lifestyle they want.

According to seasoned management consultant, Shamayun Miah, “a career change requires you to listen closely to your heart and mind.”

He believes that clarity, confidence, and courage are just some of the attributes required to make an honest assessment of one’s career. Being in a workplace that is unfulfilling or, worse, makes you unhappy, can have a ruinous effect on your mental health.

For Shamayun Miah, a fulfilling career is a journey not a destination.

“I think that attracting the right opportunities for anyone involves defining who they are and understanding what they want,” contends Shamayun Miah.

Shamayun Miah thinks that while it may seem like a daunting task to let go of a stable career to take an unseen path, it doesn’t necessarily mean taking a step backwards.

“We seldom realize just how many of our skills are transferable and the immense value we bring from our previous experiences to the right employer,” he adds.

Shamayun Miah believes that each new step on your career path should be seen as a unique opportunity to learn about yourself. He thinks that such a perspective transforms mistakes into learning experiences and helps people have more fulfilling careers.

“All employers want their employees to feel happy, involved and fulfilled in their roles; happiness in the workplace usually shares a directly proportional relationship with productivity,” says Shamayun Miah.

“Just like it takes two to tango, a career fit requires reciprocity,” adds Miah.

He is of the opinion that moving on to a new career doesn’t have to be fraught with negativity. With the right attitude, it can be a win-win for everyone.

To Miah, listlessness and lethargy at the workplace are some of the symptoms that should prompt introspection. Feeling constantly disconnected from work, underperforming, and missing deadlines can lead to a downward spiral if left unchecked.

“While we can all struggle with motivation from time to time, being consistently checked out at work should prompt an individual to reevaluate their career path.”
For Miah, a fulfilling career means feeling like you are making an impact.

Feeling undervalued at work, or working on autopilot can have a devastatingly demoralizing effect on an employee.

“If all your days feel identical and you think that your skills aren’t being put to their best use, it’s time to consider opportunities where you will be able to fulfill your potential and make meaningful contributions,” he adds.

Shamayun Miah strongly believes that a career path should present a challenge but not unbearably so. Being chronically exhausted, losing sleep, or experiencing other physical and mental symptoms of ill health are not worth it.

“There are a lot of opportunities out there and I really think that there is a right fit for everyone,” says Miah.

“Sometimes it just takes a while to find it.” says Miah.