Sharanya Haridas: One Writer Impacting the World by Tackling Global Cultural Issues Through Writing


There are so many people who view the world through a narrow lens, that when you meet someone with an evolved world view, it is so refreshing. This is the way that people who are exposed to the writing of expert journalist Sharanya Haridas feel.

Advocacy in Word and Deed

As a journalist and digital entrepreneur, Sharanya Haridas has impacted many people around the world. One of her earliest actions of this nature is the founding of the digital magazine ‘That’s So Gloss’ in 2012, a feat she achieved while completing her studies at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras. The magazine was created for teenagers and young women in India and served as a source of inspiration and entertainment for a grossly underserved demography. The magazine earned global acclaim as not only the first of its kind in India, but also the only one of its kind in that year.

As time progressed, Haridas continued to usher underserved and neglected communities into the spotlight through her work. Her words have spoken volumes in advocating for the fair treatment for third world and developing countries.

Today, Haridas is also a member of Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum that is driving dialogue, action and change at a grassroots level in areas like gender equality, future of work and digital transformation of society.

India at Heart

Haridas embraces her Indian heritage and much of her writing focuses on issues that impact Indian people. Her published pieces of this nature include “the ‘New York Times’ Publishes Racist Comic About India’s Space Mission” (Huffpost, 2017) which exposes the unfair and prejudiced treatment of India’s space program’s achievement by the media giant. This piece reflects Haridas’ bravery as well as her passion for defending the country of her birth.

A Champion of Gender Issues and an Advocate for Positive International Politics
Sharanya Haridas’ bravery extends to other issues too. She frequently tackles issues related to gender as evidenced in her tweet from December 2020…

“”Miss or Mrs?” they asked the First Lady.

“Doctor,” Jill Biden said.

This Wall Street Journal op-ed is just further sad proof that even today, men’s identities are defined by their accomplishments and women’s by their marital status.”

The fact that she has experienced life in multiple geographical and therefore cultural settings has given Haridas a worldview that is inclusive and accommodating. As a result, when she writes, she appeals to a wide range of cultural and social groups. This allows her work to speak to the hearts and consciences of people around the world and the message transcends of race, class and culture. Haridas’ unbiased perspectives on global politics shines through in her work.

The World Flocks to Haridas… Digitally

Haridas’ multi-cultural appeal has caused millions of people from around the world to gravitate towards her work. Consequently, Haridas has a powerful digital presence that increases in magnitude daily. With a presence on all major social media platforms Haridas has attracted numerous professional endorsements with experts lauding her for her competence in areas such as ecommerce, start- ups, digital media and writing. Her digital platforms have attracted millions of views and these views are on an upwards trajectory. Her Instagram account has passed 7000 followers. On Twitter, she has attracted over 20,000 followers.

As a world changer with a fast-growing impact, Sharanya Haridas is fast becoming a global name and brand. Undoubtedly, when it comes to influencing a change for a better world, she is a force to be reckoned with.