SHIB Coin Price Jump, STTN ICO in July, & EU Banks Linked to XRP


Crypto currency news is flooding in this week.  There’s literally thousands of stories because of so many new crypto coins launching in 2021.  However, there’s only a few key stories to focus on.    Shiba Inu (SHIB), Bitcoin (BTC), SafeTitan (STTN), and Ripple (XRP) are all the rage for July 2021.

Market prices have dropped in July, but this should cause no fear. This occurrence is completely normal in financial markets. Crypto Coin trends tend to follow S&P and it’s long known June and September are the worst month for stock traders.  It’s also perhaps the reason Amazon has it’ big sale in June, to create a strong enough buzz to fight against the coming tide.

Anyhow, these falling cryptocoin prices have created a stir of fear and gossip.  The statistical facts of the matter suggest reputable cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, VeCHain, and others are going nowhere. Prices are likely to bounce back in October and begin to climb to new highs, at worst case scenario.

BTC for Twitter Payments

Bitcoin specifically, is definitely here to stay.  All coins follow it’s lead in the trading graphics typically, though ETH has definitely stolen the show repeatedly in 2021.   If Twitter-founder Jack Dorsey has his way however, BTC may break records, leaving many behind in the dust.

“Only a Matter of time,” tweeted Dorsey in reply to a twitter user named Deyonte.   The statement answers a request to integrate the Bitcoin lightning network into twitter of future application, BlueSky.

Such an implication is huge for Bitcoin. If Bitcoin was integrated into the social network, it would be a quiet but powerful push to get 186-million people worldwide to start using or feeling comfortable with cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

With only 21 million bitcoin that can be created, and less than 19-million in circulation, the likely instant increase in demand would spike BTC prices.  More people buying bits of bitcoins, means a higher price.  A potential for tripling or quadrupling of price.

This could also mean a rush of Bitcoin ballers to rush to El Salvador to live on the beach of “El Zonte.”    The South American country made it an obligation for all businesses to accept bitcoin.   This comes after its former coastal village of fisherman, some refer to as “The EZ,” saw major economic boosts after using BTC for 1 year.

New Cryptocoin SafeTitan

Dubbed ‘the China coin,’ there’s a new BEP20 coin that’s launching in July.  Rumors are blazing because there’s a team of influencers SafeTitan (STTN) call the TiTan100 that will make the crypto an instant hit in Asia.   Essentially this group of 100 internet trendsetters will push this cryptocurrency to millions of people on China’s most popular social media networks.  And this will all be orchestrated by 3 of the most innovative and successful internet marketers of Asia.

Only 1-billion SafeTitan tokens can be mined, capping total circulation far below other mainstream players like XRP and DOGE.

According to the Augusta Free Press, the initial coin offering (ICO) will take place next month, July.  The exact date is not stated but only those registered on SafeTitan’s official website will be able to purchase tokens.    

The new cryptocoin to buy will be priced at .005 cents (USD) for it’s ICO.   This has reddit spectators excited.

“I would rather buy $200 now.  If i miss a pair of shoes taking the risk on STTN, so be it.I won’t remember those shoes in 10 years but if this cryptocoin hits .60 cents, I won’t forget the 120x return I missed.  That would be $23,800 I missed out on.   I choked on ETH and Doge. Not again,” wrote user NewCryptoCurrency (on reddit).

The buzz of new coins to buy in July 2021, but when talking about new cryptocurrencies, only one keeps dominating hashtags on social media.


The Shiba Inu token is dominating social media right now.  The social media community that’s that’s been known to shift cryptocurrency and stock market price, is heavy on this coin.   Nearly 107,000 users follow the @SHIBarmy twitter account and 170,000 are subscribed to the subreddit, r/SHIBarmy.     This seems to be the new ‘people’s coin’ with all the hype, but June has been a descending month for it’s price graph.

All of this is about to change however, according to financial markets blog FXStreet.  According to them, the Shiba Inu coin could jump up 65% before July.    Not only that,  the ‘Dogecoin killer’ has become second to only Bitcoin on the CoinMarketCap Top 10 Crypto Assets with Most Price Estimates list.    It’s predicted that SHIB could reach near it’s all-time high, which happened on May 24th.

Rapper Meek Mill will love to hear this news, considering he announced via tiwtter that he bought into Shiba Inu in May.

SHIB alo has become available on crypto exchanges Changelly and Changelly PRO.    Another big step into the digital wallets of thousands of more users.  However, the SHIBArmy is more concerned about Robin Hood opening it’s users’ wallets to the killer coin.

As for killing the DOGE, this meme token’s far from doing that.  SHIB does have more hype and growth in value at the moment, but Elon Musk’s project still has the lead.   

Dogecoin has more value at .32cents per token.   It’s up 1 cent awkwardly.  Considering the Thai government just issued a ban on meme, exchange and fan token along with NFTs, one would think a price graph would show a downward trend.    It’s somehow the opposite. The incline would suggest strong growth in other markets. 

Thailand SEC Bans 3 Types of Cryptocoins

The Thai SEC issued a ban on crypto instruments, hoping to get a ‘strangle’ on potential risks for its country’s web investors.  Crypto exchange platforms must update rules on their platforms within 30 days or face penalties or sancton from the Thailand Security and Exchange commission.

There are many who speculate that this will be appealed however.  The country’s sudden actions against Cryptos and NFTs could be creating a loss for the national economy, as countries which are already ahead with GNP, will continue to increase the gap from the billions of dollars currently flowing through these ‘wild west’ investment opportunities.

EU Banks Still Using Ripple Technology

Less than 1 year ago, the XRP token was .17 cents.   It rose  to nearly triple the price and then the United States SEC banned it.  Citizens of America could no longer trade the token and even Binance had to make a separate site for the USA.   Prices plunged, but then a ‘ripple’ happened in the wave of negative events, and the tide changed.  Various countries banned together in support of XRP’s Ripple technology, hoping to get ahead of the ball on the cryptocurrency boom, before the United States.  The end result, a boom in the price of the token.

Currently worth only.87cents at the open of June 14th,  the coin hit highs of $1.81 in April 2021.  Both are major growth from its June 2020 token price of .18cents.

While the United States SEC is still trying to mount a case against Ripple Labs, maker of the XRP token, it may come to a halt soon.  It’s being suggested by lawyers that the SEC did not report vital information that could result in the case being tossed out.

Beyond that, it is also now being rumored that central European banks of Switzerland and France are using the same blockchain technology as XRP.   The Ripple ledger  is supposedly the foundation for Central Bank Digital Currencies of the two EU countries.

“It is essential for central banks to stay on top of technological developments. The Swiss National Bank is already investigating the settlement of tokenized assets with wholesale CBDC as part of Project Helvetia,” said Andréa M. Maechler, a representative of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank.

All of this news merged into one, would seem it means XRP has a high chance of rebounding big-time.     It could be the mainstream cryptocurrency to watch as early as 2022.