Shocking fresh claims against disgraced producer Richard Driscoll

by Dan Bryans | E-Editions

Following our investigation of Disgraced film producer Richard Driscoll we have now uncovered more dark and disturbing truths about convicted fraudster.

Before he was imprisoned for VAT fraud in 2013, Mr Driscoll had a film with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, the film was dubbd  ‘Elderado’.

A well placed source tells me “Driscoll made more than one film with these actors and is now trying to sell that footage and make other movies with that footage himself.”

It is thought Driscoll was able to hire such prolific names for his low budget productions due to strong links to none other than Harvey Weinstein.

Unfortunately this collaboration between Driscoll and Weinstein was very un-savoury because not only did Weinstein supply big cast to appear in his films but also Richard used his status as Weinstein’s collaborator to bed young actresses, promising them roles and a ticket to the top.

For example it is no coincidence that Lysette Anthony’s name has come up in both the Richard Driscoll and the Harvey Wienstein court cases.

Since an expose was released last week, two women have come forward saying that Richard paid for them to visit him at his farm studio’s only to be treated like sex objects with the promise of a career in the spot lights.

If you have have any information on Mr Driscoll or have been a victim of his fraud contact me on