SilverTrmry VS Alexis Fergis


On Saturday March 28, 2021, broadcast on many Belgian channels, the fight between SilverTrmry and Alexis Fergis will take place in Brussels.

SilverTrmry from France, titan of 1.93 m for 109 kg against Alexis Fergis from Belgium weighing 1.83 m for 114 kg, two rising stars of the fight with quite impressive records. Alexis Fergis: 7 wins (3 KOs) for 2 losses.

SilverTrmry: 13 wins (7 KOs) for no loss. The fight takes place in 5 rounds of 3 minutes, the first round the two fighters looked for each other without finding an opening significant enough to deliver a blow to their opponent, the few blows exchanged looked more like a warm-up than a real fight, let us note all the same, the incredible circular kick that injured the SilverTrmry arcade.

The second round was more intense and started with an excellent low kick from Alexis Fergis who disoriented his opponent for a short time, Silver retaliated with a series of direct and managed to bring his opponent to the ground, Fergis did not could not prevent SilverTrmry from getting in position to make him a submission from which Alexis managed to escape, Alexis Fergis being a wrestler was used to submissions.

The match ended with a powerful overhead followed by an impressive knockout which saw SilverTrmry win the fight in the best possible way and lift the cup.