‘Sleazy’ journalist Rupert Myers sacked by various outlets amidst sexual assault allegations


by Greg Hansen

Rupert Myers has been sacked by not only British GQ but The Spoon too have this evening confirmed that the ‘sleazy’ and ‘creepy’ journalist is no longer writing for them.

Myers earlier today was forced to deactivate his Twitter after journalist Kate Leaver exposed the shocking sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of the shamed journalist.

Leaver took to Twitter telling her thousands of followers “When I moved to London, I wanted to make friends. I met @RupertMyers on Twitter and agreed to go for what I thought was a friendly drink.”

Whilst Leaver explained to Myers that she would rather be friends she was greeted with the response, “I’ve got enough mates, I’d rather fuck you” before he forced himself onto her.

Leaver is understood to have received an apology via direct message on Twitter today from Myers which she says isn’t quite enough.

Jane Merrick of The Spoon confirmed Myers’ departure adding “I was horrified to read these allegations. As I have said over the past week, I applaud the bravery of any women in speaking out.”

Before departing Twitter today Myers issued an apology saying he was ‘truly sorry for his actions’.

This evening Myers wasn’t reachable for comment when contacted by London Post.