Southwark School gets help from local university students in new promotional campaign


Grange Primary in Southwark collaborated with students from London College of Communication, UAL to produce a promotional campaign for the school.

Taking part in a paid live brief, three students from London College of Communication’s MA Graphic Branding and Identity course designed and produced a range of campaign materials – creating posters, social media graphics, a prospectus, and animations.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the school in the local area. Grange Primary was recently converted into a two-form school with new buildings and facilities, and was awarded a ‘good school’ by Ofsted.

The students from London College of Communication – which has been based in Southwark since 1962 – met with the school, conducted research, and held workshops with 60 members of staff and people. Afterwards, they developed ideas and created campaign materials.

Speaking of the campaign, Headteacher Diana Valcheva said: “We were really impressed, particularly with the quality of ideas, the creativity and commitment of the students who worked with our school.

“The sessions were well-designed, delivered with care and appreciation, which left many colleagues feeling positive and recognised. It was a great way to start the final half term of the school year.

“Grange Primary certainly found new friends and ambassadors in London College of Communication!”