Special edition FREE yoga and climbing event heads to London


On Thursday 16th May, MoreYoga and Everyone Active will be hosting London’s most challenging mindful experience; a Climbing & Yoga event, in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week

Guest speaker, Bonita Norris, the youngest British woman to climb Everest, will host the event which comprises a full yoga session, Q&A, and a full climbing session. Ascent and Asana will take place from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at Westway Sports & Fitness Centre, operated by Everyone Active in partnership with Westway Trust.

Yoga and climbing are two forms of exercise which require intense mental focus, strength, agility and body awareness and work in perfect synergy.

Bonita Norris comments; “Living and working in London, I know how tough it is for people to find the time to be truly mindful within their day. Bringing together these two incredibly mindful forms of exercise is the perfect way to show how great Climbing and Yoga is for mental health. Especially when done side by side. It’s given me a wonderful sense of clarity to be able to regularly practise yoga alongside my climbing training.” 

The free Ascent and Asana event at Everyone Active’s Westway Sports & Fitness Centre will take place within two sessions, pre-booking a space is essential. Please emailevents@actionpr.co.uk to book a yoga and climbing slot during one of the following times:

  • Yoga or Climbing: 6.30pm – 7.15pm
  • Bonita Norris – Mindfulness and Me + Q&A: 7.30pm – 8.00pm
  • Climbing or Yoga: 8.15pm – 9.00pm

Following this event, Everyone Active will be rolling out dedicated MoreYoga sessions at Westway Sports & Fitness Centres for climbers. The ‘Yoga for Climbing’ classes will take place twice a week and will be created with a climber’s movement and demands in mind. Think specific postures and sequences to strengthen grip, flexibility for reaching to the next hold, and breath- work to maintain during a climb. MoreYoga’s sessions will be available to members of the public from mid-May.

Event location: Westway Sports & Fitness Centre,

1 Crowthorne Road, W10 6RP