Spending ‘Quarantime ’ Learning Music at Audible Genius

Audible Genius is an online music course that has revolutionised music education, theory, and ear training.


Through these difficult and often isolating times, picking up a new skill, hobby, or passion has been both a spiritual lift and a smart investment toward a more lucrative future. A plan to emerge from this quarantine stronger, smarter and with more valuable skills to re-enter the marketplace better off than when we left it.

A great option for avid music lovers to invest in is the online music course Audible Genius, an interactive and gamified music education course that teaches music theory and production for all levels. Through its innovative and modern interface, gone are the complex music staves and notation, and in is the piano roll theory method that allows students to visually learn and hone their skills writing, arranging, and composing. Students have their ear training, harmony and arranging, and writing skills honed and tested as the exercises are methodically constructed to increase in difficulty at a captivating rate.

Audible Genius is created and run by CEO Joe Hanley, and all of the music within the course is composed by writer and composer Armaan Biviji. Known for his Swiss Army knife composing skill set, Biviji has ensured the course has a myriad of styles and genres in order to appeal to the widest audiences of all ages.

Joe Hanely

Both Hanley and Biviji graduated from the renowned Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. Having spent ample time as music students, the two have curated a course that challenges students without overburdening them so that students are more likely to remain engaged and excited, moving through the program’s lessons.

Half the battle with an online music course is commitment. Audible Genius makes it easy to commit because it is so effective.

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