Sports girl Amy Christophers looks stunning in busy week of events after engagement


Our Favourite Sports girl Amy Christophers‘ feet have not touched the ground since returning from her holiday in Santorini where her beau Pedro popped the question. She has been back a week and what a week that has been; attending the PFA awards, Sport industry awards and the Asian awards, and at the weekend she hosted the first-ever Puckaid, a charity Ice hockey match in aid of raising money for Sports traider.

Back at the start of last week, Miss Christophers found herself the centre of a PFA scandal, pictured with the PFA Chief executive Gordon Taylor as they left to carry on the party elsewhere.

Amy hit back at the headlines and stressed “it is a sad state of affairs when a sports journalist cannot speak to an influential person in sports without it getting twisted – it’s 2018. If I were a guy or a 60-year-old woman this would’ve been a non-story. However, the fact I was once a glamour model, suddenly what we were up to is of interest. she continued “I work in sports media now, I was doing my job chatting with the necessary people of interest at the awards.”

We are super proud of our girl for holding her head up high and defying the critics! Amy also has a charity run she is taking part in on Wednesday at the tower London, raising money for The British heart foundation, in the memory of the late Chelsea Legend Ray Wilkins.

Let’s hope the weather improves! If you would like to sponsor Amy Christophers and show your support, she has set up a just giving page.