Staging Your London Home for a Quick Sale


When you want to sell your home to be free to rent anywhere you like, or you need to trade up or down to a new home, then moving fast has its positives. The longer your current home is on the market, the staler the listing will become. Prospective buyers will have come across it multiple times but recall that they’ve previously dismissed it.

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It’s worth investing in the staging of your home to make a fantastic first impression and not a lackluster one. Given that most buyers won’t return if they were unimpressed on the first viewing (or even seeing the photos in the online listing), usually, you only get the one chance.

Here are some suggestions on how to stage your London home for a faster sale and close.

Address the Need for Curb Appeal

When it comes to first impressions, nothing says it best like what a visitor will think when arriving at the address. Looking at the property from the curb, what will they see?

You probably haven’t paid attention to this since first moving in. In which case, take a few steps back, clear your mind of distractions, and observe your home as if for the first time.

What do you notice? Here are a few things that you might look for:

  • Does the front yard need a tidy up?
  • Is the front porch clean and attractive?
  • Are there kid’s toys strewn around, like a discarded bike?
  • See any loose paving stones or landscaping out of place?

Do what you can to improve the curb appeal before property photos are taken.

Furnishings Are Everything

Older furniture that’s showing signs of age such as a wobbly coffee table and other items that aren’t either modern or functional will turn off likely buyers. They will find it difficult to see themselves living there when the look isn’t clean or attractive. Prospective buyers don’t have a lot of imagination at times, so it’s a good idea to help them along as much as possible.

Polishing furniture with wax to give it a cleaner more appealing look can go a long way for first-time viewers.

You can find a great variety of furniture for your house, apartment, or your garden in online stores. Use it to improve the staging of your home and then either include it in the sale for an extra cost or agree to take it with you when the sale is complete.

Reduce the Personalisation & Clutter

While no doubt you’ve been passing the time at home recently, you’ve likely been casting your eye around at the clutter.

It accumulates over time. It’s often difficult to part with it. Some of it is personal and meaningful whereas other things long ago lost their meaning. Yet we don’t want to remove anything, which is how clutter accumulates.

Buyers want to see a home without much personalisation because our tastes differ from theirs. So, it’s best to pack the excess items and personal ones up. Put them in the garage or a storage unit out of the way. Don’t worry – it’s only for a little while.

Staging a home helps to sell it. Buyers require less imagination to see themselves living there and that sells the home for you.