Staycation Benefits


Going on holiday is a pretty exciting event, but can be difficult and stressful for any number of reasons. Taking a break and getting a change of scenery is essential in keeping you feeling your best, and you don’t have to fly thousands of miles to do it. Staycations have become more popular than ever, with people choosing to travel within the country they live in. Here are a few benefits of holidaying close by, and how to get the best out of it.

What is it?

A staycation is literally a stay-at-home vacation, in which holidaymakers choose to forgo the stress and expense of long-distance travel, and, instead, stay in the country they live in or take day-trips to various local attractions. There are so many benefits to staying in the UK for a holiday, so it’s well worth considering. You’ll have plenty to explore and get up to in the UK, especially in London, so a staycation can be a wonderful holiday alternative. With beautiful places to explore, likehistoric towers, famous museums, kid-friendly parks, and breathtaking gardens, you’ll love staycationing in the English capital.

Motorhome specialist Comfort Insurance recently highlighted a number of UK-based destinations using Google search trend data. These destinations include but are not limited to St Ives, Lancaster, Wales, Newquay and Blackpool.

Luxury Staycation

These days, more and more people are searching for alternative accommodations that are more comfortable but magnificent and first-class. This is where luxury apartments come into play. Yes, you heard it right. Another great thing about a staycation is that it allows you to experience living in a luxury apartment even if it’s just for a short while.

Most luxury apartments in London are equipped with high-end amenities and facilities at a reasonable price. They usually feature a lavish living room, a recreational room, a fully equipped kitchen, classy bedrooms, large closets, and other stylish interior details. Aside from these amenities, they provide Wi-Fi , 24/7 surveillance cameras, and key cards and even offer access to a gym and a wellness spa. All these things are what make staycations in luxury apartments worthwhile. You get to holiday in style without the need to spend a lot of money.

Hence, for travellers and remote workers on the hunt for luxury staycations, cities like London offer plenty of great possibilities. Check out some of these top-notch luxury serviced apartments in London that we found on websites like Homelike. Some of them are in ultra-modern buildings whereas others are in refurbished historic buildings. Have fun staycationing!


One of the main attractions of a staycation is the lower cost. The average cost of a holiday per person can be incredibly high, making a much-earned break seem impossible for many. You may not have to worry about the costs involved in flights, visas or luggage, making the trip economical. There are a huge range of places to stay and visit, from hotels, holiday homes, caravans or apartments, in so many different areas.

Other money-saving holiday tips include:

  • Season tickets to attractions you visit frequently
  • Self-catering accommodation that allows you to cook your own food, instead of going out to eat for each meal
  • Packed lunches! These will save you money on eating during the day, and will mean you always have a snack and drink on you
  • Group transport tickets are usually available on buses and trains, and can reduce costs for larger groups travelling together. Similarly, day tickets that allow you to travel as much as you want within a 24 hour period are ideal if you are going to be visiting multiple attractions in one day.


Choosing where to visit and where to stay can be a lot of fun, and a great family adventure. Is there somewhere you have always wanted to visit, but have never had the chance? Maybe there’s an attraction that’s just a little too far away for a single day trip? Planning your activities and locations is a lot of fun. Even in your immediate area, there can be places you have yet to discover, and completely ignore on a daily basis because you’re so used to them. Spending time in your local area can help you discover new things, and support the smaller, more independent businesses nearby.

Deciding on what kind of accommodation to stay in is also exciting, as there are so many options all around the country. From long boats and tree houses, to converted barns and chic apartments, the money you save on travel can be put towards your dream location! If you have your own camper van, why not plan a road trip? Combining your travel with your accommodation is also cost effective, and there are plenty of campsites all over the UK, full of people doing the same thing!

Helping others

Why not provide others with the perfect staycation experience? Owning a holiday let can be a very rewarding experience, as you can help others have a great holiday, whilst earning some money. To get you started, consider looking into holiday let mortgages to kick start your journey into setting up your own holiday let business. Choosing a location is very important, and local knowledge will help you do this; the more you travel in your area, the better your understanding of what potential holiday-makers are looking for will be! Think about the things you look for and enjoy when staycationing, and go from there. Great local amenities, access and natural beauty could all be contributing factors to making your holiday let a must-visit spot.


Whether you are a nervous flyer, or conscious of your carbon footprint, the travel involved in going on holiday can often turn people off. When staycationing, you can minimise travel as much as you want, with day trips involving public transport or cycling, and longer journeys by car or train. Certain forms of travel can also be inaccessible and expensive, making it difficult for everyone to travel comfortably, regardless of age and ability, so by making your own travel choices, you can enjoy your holiday to its fullest potential.