Still time for Rishi to catch up with Liz, says pollster


TORY leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak still has time to pull off a shock win, according to a leading pollster.

IPSOS director of politics Keiran Pedley told GB News: “I guess there’s two ways to look at it. On the one hand when you look at the contest itself between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, it does appear from the membership polling that we have available that Liz Truss is in something of an unassailable lead.

“But of course with politics we should always be careful about any degree of certainty, I’ve learned from experience over the years.

“On the cost of living, it won’t be a surprise to your viewers that that is the number one issue.

“Voters’ minds are concerned about rising prices and inflation. It’s at a 40-year high and whoever wins, what the public are looking for is some decisive action to get a grip of that crisis.

“I suppose what we don’t know is what the long term implications of the new policies might be. Let’s say in Liz Truss, people might welcome that immediate help in tax cuts, but if it does make the situation worse, like Rishi Sunak claims, then of course that will be a very short-lived honeymoon.”

Asked in an interview during Breakfast with Stephen Dixon and Ellie Costello if bold policies from Liz Truss were behind her apparent poll lead, he said: “It does seem to be the case. And again, I can only stress it depends if it works, because that’s one of the things that we find when we ask people what do they want in a Prime Minister post Boris Johnson they want honesty.

“…that is something that’s on people’s minds, alongside someone that’s in touch with ordinary people and good in a crisis and capable and focused on some of those latter points.

“Just to reiterate what I was saying, being in touch is about addressing the public concern there is about the cost of living and dealing with it quickly.

“But ,of course, being good at a crisis and being capable as a leader is about actually delivering.”

He added: “This comes down to yes, in the short term, what help can be out there for people as we face a really difficult winter, but in the long term does it actually work?

“The final thing I would say is don’t forget public services in all of this as well, because people are most concerned of all about the cost of living, but they’re also very concerned about the NHS and schools and public services too.

“The new Prime Minister has to deliver on both of those counts. It’s one thing to put money in people’s pockets – we’ve also got to make sure that the winter crisis of the NHS, or a crisis that’s already here, is dealt with.”