Story of a Choir Boy

Barrie didn't like stick on beards after a few hours,

 Life of a choir boy who carved his way into the world of Opera.

U.K music has been a breeding ground for people desiring to make a name in the entertainment industry. Many started as minnows and, over the years, succeeded in registering their names as the greatest contributors in the industry. Names like Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Elton John, and John Lennon have become the staple of musical brilliance and knowledge among the listeners. The contributions made by these music maestros have pushed emerging artists to create new and innovative music. The 1970s introduced the British and global audience to different music genres. The 70s became an era of creativity and inspiration for the music we cherish today.

English singer and actor Barrie Law finds himself among the few people who managed to make it big in the early 70s. Born in 1944, he began his singing journey in 1971. Halifax Light Opera Society provided him with an opportunity to spread his wings. It’s a reality that it all began for him in 1971, but the signs of intelligence were always visible inside him from an early age. Mr. Haugh of the Church of St. Mary’s Elland sensed Law’s remarkable talent and command.

The phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ resonates with Barrie’s musical triumphs. With his voice and talent ringing the bells,things started to fall in place. The hunger for betterment and glory takes you to other places. For Barrie, this place was the prestigious London College of Music. He spent four long years polishing his skills further.

The Power of Voice

Nature indeed makes things work when you are on the right track. During his years at the LCM, Barrie showed up at enough gigs to pay for his commitment to diversifying his voice and talent. At a time when Lennon and Bowie were spreading the magic, Barrie managed to receive valuable words of recognition.

In 1973, Scarborough Futurist Club became the stage for Barrie to make things go his way. It took him a year to secure his place and perform at the Wakefield Theatre Club. Barrie’s astounding skills helped him bag a 5-year contract from the backstage agent, John Bannerman.

The Opera Effect

Barrie Law’s career reached new heights after his mesmerizing performance in the Big Apple. Between 1973 and 1975, the English singer enjoyed a memorable association with the Halifax Light Opera. It offered him a clear ground to refine his skills and participate in different gigs. Performances at La Bohem Opera (1978), Carmen Opera (1979), The Marriage of Figaro (1985), and Madam Butterfly (1986) remain a few of the most notable appearances by the singer.

On-Screen Appearances

Today, everyone is a social media sensation, but the ground realities were different when Barrie managed to make it to the TV screens. On returning to his homeland, the British vocal genius played an influential role in Identerkill from Yorkshire Television. Barrie’s captivating presence on the TV offered him a clear path to success in a short period. Later, he carved his way to the silver screen with a role of a police offer in Edge of Darkness.

Barrie’s television triumph was a life-changing event in the singer’s life. In the late 1980’s BBC approached Law for the Bluebell series. He also became part of the Jimmy Cricket Show for Central television.

Barrie’s Domestic Life

Barrie’s life at home changed before he stepped into music and glamour. He married Lynda Hellowell in April 1965 at 21. His marriage to Lynda gave him four children Mark, Andrew, Richard, and Louise. Richard continued his father’s legacy with notable performances in theatre and on screen. He was able to bag a lead role in The Ghoul Keeper at York Theatre Royal. What makes Barrie a curious soul is his sharp observation skills. Law also enjoys capturing the beauty around him through his camera lens. Starting at the tender of fifteen, Radio Times July 1959 edition became the home of his first published photograph.

Additionally, Barrie profoundly feels the pain for humanity and has been an active name in different philanthropically driven activities. Barrie Law remains the epitome of passion, commitment, and brilliance for the people around him. His art, craft, and talent are a torch that will light up the path for those who dare to dream. Barrie’s contribution to the global music landscape is a treasure that needs to be preserved and cherished.