Strategy in just a click with Sian Gunney


A British digital marketeer and business advisor for current and former sports stars launches her new business with a twist.   

Sian Gunney is a success strategist for individuals that are looking to realise their true brand potential online. Sian understands brands professionally and audiences intuitively from her background in consumer psychology, and marketing using psychographics to scale brand audiences and fan bases.  

Sian has worked behind the scenes on cutting edge digital marketing and strategies with many world-class sports stars and world credible coaches. Sian cuts through outdated strategy and dusty brand ideals to focus on what will actually connect with the audience and get results. 

Sian’s built up a reputation in Wales and across the UK for understanding thought-leader brands and persona-led marketing. Equally Sian is no stranger to scaling brands and has worked behind the scenes over the last decade with some powerhouse brands from Miami Dolphins to Domino’s Pizza.  

As a success strategist Sian uses her expertise to bring talented teams together, creating data informed strategies which jettisons brands.

Jessica O’Shaughnessy from Momentum Global sports agency said “Sian’s invaluable knowledge continues to positively impact the way we operate our business. I can’t speak highly enough of her straight talking, her experience and talent.”

Former World Champion Boxer Joe Calzaghe CBE said “I wanted to honour my late father’s wishes (Enzo Calzaghe MBE) and get boxing rolled out in schools across Wales and the UK. Sian helped make this happen! there is no-one else I’d rather trust to work with.”

Ex professional skateboarder Matthew Pritchard from Dirty Sanchez and Dirty Vegan said “I had an idea to start a business, but I didn’t know how to get it off the ground. Sian’s help was amazing! If anyone needs support getting a business off the ground Sian Gunney is your woman she is badass!”

Xavier Rush former All Blacks rugby player and founder of HQ Hair Transplants said “Sian has the ability to guide her clients with enthusiasm along a path of the greatest exposure and professionalism. Sian has a wealth of knowledge, contact base and her ideas are second to none. I have enjoyed her energy, honesty and loyalty to each client and I don’t want to say too much as someone will steal her!”

Emma Van Heusen the world’s leading Facebook Ads coach said “Sian is an absolute powerhouse and what she doesn’t know about strategy isn’t worth knowing. She moves fast- I have never known anyone who can get as much done in a day and the output is quality – The best hire I ever made!”

Andrea Byrne News reader and TV Presenter “Yes the social media strategy was great but what I loved most was how she made me think bigger! A lot of which I’ve acted upon since working with her.”

Sian Gunney helps people transform from talkers to doers that go on to make their business and brand goals a reality. This all starts with an action plan that she creates to guide you to success, which includes handpicked, high-level introductions to keep you on track and give you the edge.  

Sian believes that brand strategy has had a bad name due to a lack of regulation with credible experienced experts. She believes that great strategy shouldn’t be reserved for the elite, hard to find,  too costly or complex to implement. It should be as easy as visiting amazon and buying online, which is why Sian has launched a strategy shop.