Study finds: Over 21 million Brits fear having bad breath


New research from the teeth whitening brand White Glo reveals how the dreaded fear of having bad breath haunts over 21 million Brits, with 20% relying on mints and chewing gum to mask post morning coffee breath.

However, the research also exposes less than half of adults in the UK (48%) are giving their teeth the recommended twice daily brush.

While common food and drink culprits are often to blame, it is evident that British dental hygiene is causing unnecessary daily worries for a third of the population (32%).

James Buchannan, White Glo’s dental expert explains, “While trapped food particles can contribute to bad breath, the most common cause is the build-up of plaque on teeth. The research clearly shows not enough people are keeping up the required oral health routines to avoid bad breath. Brushing your teeth twice a day should be the first step to reduce the worry of bad breath, but there are a few other things you can do to keep your mind at ease throughout the day.”

Firstly, start the day with a glass of water to wash away bad bacteria and reduce dry mouth, which causes bad breath. Staying hydrated throughout the day will keep bad breath under control.